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 Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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75 episodes
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TV Series
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Hikaru no Go

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Hikaru no Go is one of those anime that make people assume its for kids (just like people assuming Gamecube is for kids) Talking about assuming let me educate you on one thing about the word “assume.” Take your time and separate the word. As I was taught assuming anything isn’t good and assume makes up a sentence, which roughly breaks up to “You’re making an ASS out of U and ME!” Now I got that off my chest…

HnG is about an elementary school student named Hikaru. One day he finds a Go board in the basement of his grandfather’s house. This is when a spirit possesses Hikaru’s head. And soon Hikaru was taught how to play Go (an ancient time Chinese board game, which kind of or is what Othello is now). Don’t start thinking that this is a boring series. HnG isn’t all about Go, it also is about friendship between Hikaru and Sai (the spirit), rivalry, and competition. HnG has the concept of present life style, which makes it unique!

The Breakdown
The idea of HnG is cool, it teaches people an ancient game that was played to pass time back in the Ming dynasty (or more back). If you have no other anime titles to watch, you might want to check HnG out in the mean time.


» The Pros

» The Cons

» Animation
There wasn’t any eye candy. Just normal TV series animation.

» Sound
Voice acting wasn’t bad, music wasn’t either, but there could have been more blood pumping competition music. I do understand Go is played quietly, but without competition music HnG sounds kind of dead.

» Story
The concept of Go is definitely an original idea, but I’m sure there are more anime out there that is similar to HnG with a different concept or another game.

» Recommend
Just sitting in front of the screen watching Go players making their moves is so boring. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend this series to anime fans that must have action.


» Other Information
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