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 Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Mikuni Shimokawa - 392 BEST SELLECTIONS

» Articles, Features, JPop | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 01/29/2006 [Discuss]

Mikuni Shimokawa - 392 BEST SELLECTIONS Album Review———-

By: Alpha

01 - Party -is not over- (overtune)
04 - Pavement    
05 - TRUE -album version- 
(Opening theme of Dragon Drive)
06 - TATTA HITOTSUNO -album mix-
(Ending theme of Dragon Drive)
(Ending theme of FULL METAL PANIC)
08 - tomorrow
(Opening theme of FULL METAL PANIC)
09 - Alone
10 - BELIEVER (Studio live version)
12 - If (CMJK remix)

     Hehe my first music CD review, I’m going all out ^_^;; nowadays. Ok, now how many people reading this has heard of Mikuni Shimokawa?  Before her songs were put in anime…  I’d say probably 3 out of 10 people.  Mikuni Shimokawa, a talented singer debuted back in 1999 with her debut single BELIEVER.  This album here has all her latest songs and some past songs, which means the latest anime themes are in this short, but none the less, enjoyable disc.  Mikuni’s got a very good voice, also she writes some of  her songs and in Track 11 - HAJIMARI, she played the Piano/Drums.  I’ve been listening to her album everyday over and over again, not being a bit bored.  Weird, because I never watch the same anime twice in the same week.  Anyways, Party is an introduction, getting you all softened up.  Then comes POPCORN, a song with a nice up beat.  And blah blah blah, all the songs are good :P.  The songs on my favorites list are POPCORN, TRUE, TATTA HITOTSUNO, KARENAI HANA, tomorrow, Alone, BELIEVER, HAJIMARI and If.  Basically almost the whole album, I wonder if that’s why they named it BEST SELLECTIONS and uh… I think they spelled SELLECTIONS wrong, I thought it was suppose to be SELECTIONS.  They seem to have spelled it that way for some reason; on the album it’s spelled SELLECTIONS on her official site it’s spelled SELLECTIONS.  Hope I’m not going crazy, because I’m listening to 392 right now, as I type this.  That about wraps it up for this review, go check out Mikuni Shimokawa - 392 BEST SELLECTIONS at CDJapan!!! Ja.      

Recommend Value - Here comes the hard part, I buy only the things I like, so of course I’m giving 392 BEST SELLECTIONS an A rating.  The CD is copy protected so Hah! no bootleggers!  The package is tight, it comes with a sticker signed but not really signed.  Well it’s her signature printed on the sticker with her pretty picture.  Also hot in Japan right now should be Dragon Drive, so if you’re a fan of Dragon Drive, I think you’ll like this album.  As for FULL METAL PANIC fans…  ADV has licensed this series back in AX2002.  I’d expect it to come out in 2nd quarter next year.  Let’s hope my predictions aren’t wrong, they’re never wrong…


Closing Statement(s) - Somebody, “Alpha I thought you were a fan of Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru, why did you review Mikuni Shimokawa’s album instead of theirs first?”  Alpha, “I review what I want, and look at whose column you’re reading!!!”  errr… that was the bad Alpha the good Alpha says, “It’s just that they’re known almost everywhere, Utada Hikaru came out with Simple and Clean the theme song of Square and Disney’s Kingdom Hearts, and Ayumi Hamasaki, where if I had to review her music, I’d have a tough time, her style of music changes quite often.  Mikuni Shimokawa was just the next best thing for me.  She is a singer that needs to be recognized! in my opinion anyways.”  Somebody, “Ohh finally an end to another boring Rant-ON.”   

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