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 Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Kristen from ADVocates

» Articles, Features, Interviews | posted by hinatasou on 01/26/2006 [Discuss]

On November 8, 2004, your friends at ADV films established the ADVocate program, an exclusive official anime fan club on a national level. Sponsored high schools, colleges, or community library clubs within the United States having a minimum of 15 active members are able to sign up. Benefits include monthly preview DVDs of the latest anime titles, prizes, games, contests, promotional items like posters, and much much more. Best of all, it’s free!
The purpose of the ADVocate program is for clubs all around the nation to promote the spirit of anime and to network fans with all that ADV has to offer. Anne Armogida, Director of Marketing at ADV Films said, ‘ADV feels very connected to our fan base, we seek to help them in any way we can by supporting them through Anime ADVocates.’ So what are you waiting for! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. For more information please visit the ADVocates section of the ADV Films website. You can also contact them via e-mail at

Interview Q&A’s Conducted By hinatasou:
As a special treat we at were honored to speak and get acquainted with the ‘Anime Club Girl’ in charge of the ADVocate Program, Kristen. How did you get involved with ADV Film’s new club program Anime ADVocates? What was your motivation?

Kristen: Anime ADVocates is my first major project for ADV. I’ve been with the program since the beginning. I know it’s hard for clubs to get together, find a place to meet and have new stuff to watch on a regular basis. So, I really like the idea of doing something to make it easier for clubs to get some of the best stuff out there to watch! To date, about how many clubs have registered to be ADVocates?

Kristen: I’ve had a great turnout with clubs joining Anime ADVocates! I’ve got over 600 in just 3 months! It rocks! I hope to get many more! (So tell your friends!) What is the future direction of the ADVocate program?

Kristen: I can’t tell you…it’s a secret! I’m sure you’ll like it though! What do you like most about your job as the ‘anime club girl’?

Kristen: The best part of being the anime club girl is getting to talk everyday with club members! I get so many emails thanking me, that feels really good…to know what I’m doing is impacting others positively. When ordinary people on the street think of anime their first instinct is that they are cartoons for children. Is there something we can do to bridge the generation gap, that shows can be enjoyed by both adults and kids?

Kristen: Since I’ve been a fan I’ve noticed the gap closing. Recently my mom has embraced the love of anime! It surprised me at first but now we watch it together. She thinks it’s the coolest thing that I get to work at ADV (of course I think it’s pretty great too). But what can fans do to bridge the gap? Anyone that wants character development and great story lines with twists should watch anime. Channels like Anime Network try to bridge the gap by providing a wide variety of titles 24-7 for all to see…encouraging things like this would bridge the gap in my opinion. Once people get to see what anime is all about, I can’t imagine them not wanting to see more. What is your favorite anime series and why is it your favorite anime character?

Kristen: Its REALLY hard for me to pick a favorite anime series…I have a ton that I love, and I find more everyday. My list would have to be (not in order)
Cromartie High- it is so freakin funny! One guy, Shinjirou, has this purple Mohawk that sways back and forth all the time. The 4th episode is probably my favorite (that I’ve seen so far) because its all about getting a song stuck in your head but not knowing where it came from or what it is!
Chrono Crusade- nuns with guns! What’s not to like? Is there any anime character that you have the hots over? Or, who is your favorite anime character?

Kristen: Its between two; Dark from DNAngel or Yuki from Fruits Basket. If magically you had the chance to be in any anime setting, where would you be and why?

Kristen: This ones hard! A lot of the anime I enjoy (like Gantz) I wouldn’t want any part of their world to be my reality. Cromartie High would be fun; a world with a guy that closely resembles Freddy Mercury and a gorilla that can play guitar would be pretty rockin. Being in the DNAngel world would be cool too because there are guys with wings (every girl has got to love a guy with wings!). Besides anime, what are your hobbies and interests?

Kristen: I love to paint and lately I’ve started coloring in coloring books again (the kind that are really detailed geometric shapes that you do with markers). I hadn’t done that in years, but I recently started again and it’s really relaxing. Also I love reading, collecting action figures and playing video games. And one of my favorite things to do is build with Legos! I really just enjoy playing! I don’t think I’ll ever grow up. What kind of music do you listen to? Are you in to JPOP?

Kristen: I’m not good at classifying music so I can’t exactly label the type of music but these are some of my favorite bands: Sigur Ros, Mars Volta, Super Furry Animals, Cooper Temple Clause and David Bowie. I haven’t ventured into J-pop just yet. The music from Aquarian Age is awesome…I rock out to that a lot. What is your favorite food?

Kristen: My favorite food…there’s something really superb about a deli turkey sandwich. Yummy! And finally the age old question, boxers or briefs?

Kristen: No question: boxers! All the way!

Main Idea of this Rant?! - hina and Kristen are doing all the ranting. I am just kicking back and enjoying this interview :P (alpha)

Closing Statement(s) - Kristen, thank you for participating in this interview with Animesou. We the staff, appreciate your kindness and willingness to sit and reply to us with such interesting stuff! Again, thank you and I hope ADVocates have even more success! I hope you fans liked this little tidbit from Kristen. Ja ne.

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