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 Monday, October 15, 2018
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» Cover

» Company
The Right Stuf International
» Running Time
96 mins
» Genre
Drama, Shoujo
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
» User Rating
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Piano Vol. 2: Confessions

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Unlock the music within your heart! Summer vacation is here and that means it’s almost time for Yuuki’s birthday! Since it’s over summer break, her birthday is usually a nonevent; but this year, Yuuki has decided that things are going to be different…this year, on her birthday she’s going to confess her love to Takizawa! But will the handsome and popular third-year track star reject her? The very thought has Yuuki in turmoil. Her best friend, Miu, is doing all she can to support her friend, but watching Yuuki struggle only reminds Miu of how troubled her own heart is.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shirakawa is frustrated at the lack of growth in Miu’s playing. Trying to inspire her, he nominates her to be his sole representative at the Spring Piano Recital. Not only that, but she’ll be the only student who will have to compose and play her own original piece! If she refuses, Mr. Shirakawa won’t even have a single student participating. Should she play in the recital even though her heart really isn’t in it?

In a show based on a girl’s heart and her life, Piano turns out to be a very soothing title. The music is just great. For a person who has always been fond of the piano due to its lovely melodies, I have to say, this piece is beyond just a show about a girl and her piano. There are various factors that make this show another immediate hit amongst the fans of the shoujo genre.

Miu Nomura is an average girl for her age. She has those growing up questions just as any other girl has. When her friend Yuuki professes to her that she will confess to her crush, Takizawa on her birthday. Miu is suddenly warped a whole new atmosphere. For Yuuki having a boyfriend means that the time she has to spend with Miu will diminish. But, with Miu’s mature personality, she just shakes it off and acts in the interest of her best friend Yuuki. Now, because of Yuuki’s situation, Miu ponders a bit about her own crush, Takahashi. With Christmas around the corner, she gets invited to a party and it is there where Miu finally discovers what she wants to do for herself… with a little help from Takashashi senpai of course.

What is so good about Piano? There is no violence, no action, only drama; a girl’s drama at that. But that is what attracted me to a title, such as, Piano. It is the presentation of the whole show. The vibe that it gives off feels just right. I felt pretty at ease while watching this piece… and when the playing of the piano came in… well that was it for me, I wanted to go run and buy a keyboard or something :P.

The Breakdown
The sound department of this show is truly great. I especially loved that song that Miu’s sister played on the stereo during episode six… yes, I know it is not a Piano original music piece, but if anyone can get me the artist and song title, I will give them a cookie! (^_^);;


» The Pros
I must say, Piano is a show where one thing makes the other thing go. It is that connection, that link that kept my attention. Of course, Miu's mature personality for her age was also an attracted point. The way she goes about her life, will most definitely grasp the attention of the viewers.

» The Cons
Sometimes the show feels like it is moving in slow motion. Maybe that was how it was meant to be delivered. If that was the case. Thumbs up.

» Animation
Clean and smooth, it was a delight to lay my eyes on this title.

» Sound
Umm... this show is based off of a musical instrument, so do you think it would disappoint in that area? Heck no!

» Story
The subtitle of Piano is 'the melody of a young girl's heart,' and it incorporates that concept with great success. It is truly a great shoujo drama to watch.

» Recommend
Anyone interested in the shoujo genre? Look no futher, because Piano is here.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Special Dual Sided Cover, Character Bios, Line Art Gallery, Visual Monologue 1 & 2, Special Epilogue 2, Scene Access, English Production Notes, Piano Side Story 2 & 3, Right Stuf Trailers, and a Special Piano: The Melody of a Young Girl's Heart Booklet.

Very simple. I like it.



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