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 Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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ADV Films
» Running Time
90 mins
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The Place Promised In Our Early Days

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

In school, they were best friends. And they shared two passions: the plane they built together, christened Bela Ĉielo, and a girl, Sayuri. Oblivious to the tense international environment, the three form an indelible bond and it seems nothing can ever come between them and their dream. The boys believe that someday they will reach the distant tower – and touch Sayuri’s heart – however far away it may be… Come to The Place critics the world-over have hailed as a work of new animation genius. A mystical, lush and moving masterpiece about the passion of friendship, the pain of war, and the power of a promise that will touch, move and inspire you.

I assume most of you have read what I thought about The Place Promised In Our Early Days in May when I went to the New York – Tokyo screener, but what I am about to say now might just sound like two different people have gone to view this show. First off, I loved the animation. Makoto Shinkai is the man! No more details are needed, okay? Okay. Now the story, when I first saw this anime, it was boring. I said to myself, what the hell can Shinkai-san be thinking? But I guess a month or two or three can really change a person’s view on things. When I was watching this on DVD, I could not believe how different things were. Everything suddenly seemed understandable, and unbelievably incredible. I know I have said some harsh things in that Rant-ON I did on The Place Promised In Our Early Days, and now I have to take those comments back.

The story of three friends, Takuya, Hiroki and Sayuri began in their middle school days. While the two buddies, Takuya and Hiroki were building the Bela Ĉielo, Sayuri was there as moral support I guess. Anyways as time passes, Sayuri suddenly disappears and Takuya and Hiroki no longer had the will to complete the airplane due to the promise that they had made to Sayuri about flying together to the Union Tower. As their lives take on a different path, it all wounds up back to that promise that they had made. When the whereabouts of Sayuri was discovered, a turn of events also occurs. Her disappearance was due to her sleep. As time went on, her body’s ability to stay awake diminished and for three years she was lying in the hospital sleeping… and dreaming about the same dream, over and over again. It is truly a very special plot, looking back at it. You will definitely not be disappointed.

The Place Promised In Our Early Days is a show that is on the same level as Voices Of A Distant Star. While it is not as emotional, it sure is good. The interest factor was great due to the animation details. It kept your attention intact. The story also makes you want to dig deeper and comprehend as much as you possibly can. In the end, I was happy with this show. And my previous thoughts about it have been disposed of properly.

The Breakdown
While I still like Voices of a Distant Star over The Place Promised In Our Early Days… the separation is not all too much.


» The Pros
The story and the animation is astonishing. I cannot say more about it. You must see it to know what I am talking about exactly.

» The Cons
At some points of the show, it does get a little slow or boring if you like me to phrase it that way.

» Animation
Picture Voices of a Distant Star… now multiply it by like three. You will get the animation of this show here. Hehe. The animation is like a landscape itself, in every scene. It was very cool.

» Sound
Other than the occasional complaint about the voices being a little lifeless, it was good overall.

» Story
You have to pay attention from the get-go in order to understand this show. The story here is marvelous, another great acheivement by Makoto Shinkai.

» Recommend
The Place Promised In Our Early Days is something you should really look into if you want a show where you feel like you have accomplished something at the end.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Three Video Interviews With The Japanese Cast, Video Interview With Director Makoto Shinkai, and Original Japanese Trailer Collection.

Beautiful. I just have a thing for violins and anime.



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