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 Friday, August 1, 2014
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» Company
ADV Films
» Running Time
125 mins
» Genre
Action, Drama, Adventure
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
» User Rating
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E’s Otherwise Vol. 2: Mind Bender

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Twelve powerful corporations run the entire planet. And the most powerful company – Ashurum – will do anything they can to maintain control. To subject the renegade city of Gald, they will infiltrate a cadre of enemy guerillas. When one of their prized psychic agents goes missing, no cost is too high to return him to their dark fold – whether that means sending in a cyborg assassin, reprogramming one of his friends, or enlisting two newer, even more powerful psychics into company. Enter a world where every though wields terrifying energy – and where any life can be viciously wasted in the pursuit of power.

In this volume of E’s Otherwise I sense that the story has really gone down in pace. Volume two contained mostly of side episodes and took its focus away from the main theme. While it was alright that E’s Otherwise did that, but it should somehow give a little bit of the main stuff to the viewers to keep them up to date. I would rather it give me a small dose of information towards the true story rather than tossing me a load to learn later on in an episode or two.

Okay, let us take our vision away from what I have stated above and look at this volume by itself and not collectively. Volume two does not show E’s Otherwise’s best, but it manages to stay entertaining; Kind of like just grinding it out for the viewers. If you have not seen volume one, you probably would not have even known that it was a more serious anime than it displays. What we have here is like a regular drama anime. It is up until the last episode of this volume that the outlook begins to change.

The anticipation built up for the next volume is crazy high as Shin Lu has finally awoken from her little coma in this volume. I hope she meets Kai again and beat some sense into him. His optimistic ways of looking at situations regarding to Ashurum annoys me like crazy. Argh.

The Breakdown
I have this special fondness towards E’s Otherwise, so no matter what I will be looking forward to volume three!


» The Pros
E’s Otherwise is what I consider a bang for your buck, because it contains five episodes in a volume. If you take another look at things, this volume really is not all that bad, as it is just taking a break from all the Ashurum drama and stuff.

» The Cons
This volume does not make a splash like the first volume did. Is E’s Otherwise losing its luster? Only volumes can tell.

» Animation
Already rated in volume one review.

» Sound
Already rated in volume one review.

» Story
Not as good as the first volume, but hopefully this series can make a big comeback in its third volume.

» Recommend
If you liked volume one, you should definitely continue with this series. Things will surely be interesting when it all plays out :/.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Clean Opening and Closing Animation, Production Sketches and Actor PSI Profiles.

There is nothing special with this cover.



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