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 Saturday, November 17, 2018
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» Cover

» Company
Media Blasters (Anime Works)
» Running Time
125 mins
» Genre
Drama, Romance, Comedy
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
» User Rating
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Midori Days Vol. 1: A Helping Hand

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Seiji ‘Mad Dog’ Sawamura is the ultimate high-school punk. With his upper-strong, invincible right hand, he can punch through cement walls and lay waste to entire street gangs. But street cred comes with a high price - every girl in school is absolutely terrified of him! Just when he thinks he is doomed to forever date imaginary girlfriends, Seiji’s right hand becomes an actual girl! Midori Kasugano wished she could be by Seiji’s side… but ended up somehow attached to his wrist. Seiji’s fighting days may be over, but his girl-trouble days are about to begin!!

Ever wonder what it would be like if your right hand suddenly became a cute living doll sized girl? That is the problem our friend Seiji is having here. The man who everyone fears because of his ‘delinquent’ ways, and the man who has been rejected by twenty girls in his life, now has his own girl problems to deal with; a girl who loves him… but the problem is, she is his right hand. Before you go thinking some ecchi things, Midori is really a girl :P.

Midori Days volume one is very entertaining. But at times it makes you think, is it supposed to be this smooth? It is like there is nothing stopping Midori from doing what she is. Usually in anime like these, a character with the characteristics of Midori usually misses her family after a while and whatnot, but what we have here, is a one time thing. Midori’s family was only shown in one episode and that was it. Nothing was touched on them any further, although I would be surprised if it continued that way onto volume two or three.

I like Midori Days, it caught my attention from the start with Seiji’s fighting capabilities and then his personality, which is similar to a lot of other anime that features a main character who knows how to fight, but at the same time is not a punk about it. I guess it all comes back down to Midori, whom is the engine that makes everything run. Her carefree attitude is so adorable. I wonder why she could not do the same thing to Seiji when she was human. Man I want to see more of it already! And the only bad thing is that I cannot complain, because there are five episodes with a run time of one hundred twenty five minutes in this volume! Sigh…

The things that this show possesses are great. The comedy here is well done, and it is just about what you can expect from any other shounen title. The plot currently is all happy-go-lucky, but I am pretty confident that it will take on a more serious route later on. Media Blasters deserve a lot of props for bringing fans a series that will most certainly be on my top tens’ list. High five Anime Works!

The Breakdown
This anime piece we have here has about everything you would expect from a title of its genre. Its unique approach is amusing and just lovely.


» The Pros
This is definitely a nice twist to the usual ecchi humor genre. A girl as a hand instead of a regular girl :P. The plot is attractive, and Midori is so cute!

» The Cons
Might border the lines of 'Oh my God, I've had enough of this lovey-dovey thing from Midori,' at times. Makes you wonder why she was so afraid to approach Seiji when she was a regular girl, when she acts the way she does as her hand. Truly a mystery, indeed.

» Animation
Very clean, clear. I really liked it a lot. The character designs are pretty nice as well.

» Sound
Voices were a joy to hear. The music is not bad either.

» Story
The story is quite weird to some and it might seem a little too much for those with a weak stomach for ecchi humor anime. For fans like me, this is close to heaven on Earth, but has a bit more to go ;P.

» Recommend
Midori Days is a very fun anime series. And with only three volumes coming out, it is a great deal.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Textless Opening and Closing, Promo Reel, Original Audio Drama Day 1, and Outtakes.

I am not a big fan of landscape DVD covers, but Midori Days pulls it off nicely. It looks great.



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