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 Saturday, November 17, 2018
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» Cover

» Company
Central Park Media
» Running Time
50 mins
» Genre
Action, Drama
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
» User Rating
No user votes yet.

Black Jack Vol. 7: Biohazard

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Poisoned by toxic waste, a young woman begins to deform… or transform. Black Jack operates and discovers that she might be evolving fishlike properties. Is his patient transforming into a mermaid?

Short and sweet, that is what Black Jack has been through out. The synopsis of the DVD just shows exactly what this title is; No essay long bullcrap, just watch and appreciate. And appreciate I will. In this volume, a city is infected with a disease due to the pollution of the water by greedy corporations that only care about the money and not of the safety of the public. Black Jack comes in to help a group of doctors after being asked to join in the discussions and become a member of the group with a focus of finding an end to the disease that has aroused due to the pollution of the water.

In this city, haunted by a love story between a mermaid and a human, comes a mysterious girl whom has no parents, relatives and worst of all, no recollection of her past. So how does Black Jack continue to help her? Her inability to obtain a medical card to treat her disease was because she cannot provide the people with the information required to get one. And so, out of kindness, Black Jack treats the girl even though he is not going to get paid for it.

In this volume of Black Jack, the ending seems kind of awkward in that it feels like the door is left wide open. There really is not a closing to the chapter and it just ended like there was nothing more to it. Strange, but still enjoyable as Black Jack continues to lure viewers into his mysterious medical world!

The Breakdown
I am running out of things to say about Black Jack in a hurry laugh out loud ahahaha.


» The Pros
The series stays constant with the entertainment factor and should maintain it till the end.

» The Cons
The ending is like a toss up in this volume. Really strange.

» Animation
Already rated in volume one review.

» Sound
Already rated in volume one review.

» Story
It was a nice ride although the latter parts of it was not as exciting.

» Recommend
Black Jack is as consistent an anime anyone can get. You want something that is a bang for your buck? This series is it.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Director’s Commentary by Osamu Dezaki, Anamorphic Widescreen Format, Black Jack Trailers, Art Gallery, Previews

Vintage Black Jack cover, nothing special.



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