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 Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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» Company
Geneon Animation
» Running Time
100 minutes
» Genre
Action, Drama, Comedy
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
» User Rating
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Samurai Champloo Vol. 2

» written by Dark Wind [Discuss]

Mugen, Jin, and Fuu continue their journey across Japan searching for the man who ’smells of sunflowers.’ Unfortunately, they travel broke and hungry, and continue to try and solve these two problems at every turn. If they aren’t trying to earn money and get food, it’s being stolen off of them.

As you can tell by my synopsis, not much actually happens in Champloo Vol. 2. But, if you need a recommendation on whether to see this show or not, go read my Vol. 1 review. For those who were on the fence after seeing Vol. 1, continue reading. Vol. 2 continues Vol. 1’s style over substance, which I’m still enjoying quite a bit. If things keep going like this into the middle of Vol. 4 though, I’m going to become quite annoyed.

It’s not that Champloo’s episodes aren’t enjoyable, because they are. My review of Vol. 1 is a testament to that. But these filler episodes (with the same premise each time) is getting boring, despite very cool inventiveness and references in each episode. I can’t keep going on just like this for more than 3.5 volumes (like in any show that doesn’t change), or I’m going to get tired of it. The music and animation are of consistent quality, so if you liked that stuff in Vol. 1, you’ll like it here.

What makes these such enjoyable episodes are the hilarious inside jokes that go on in each. For example, episode 5’s joke is that an Ukiyo-e painter gets one of his paintings into the background of a Van Gogh. Episode 6’s is that a foreign man and his platoon are from Holland. Funny thing is, he’s a big  homosexual man and his platoon wear pots on their heads (potheads, because they are from Holland, get it?) and wear clogs for shoes (ahhh…stereotypes). And episode 8 has a funky beatboxer. It’s freakin’ awesome.

Another plus are the character interactions. Seeing Jin, Fuu, and Mugen obtain food and money through their own methods are great, and seeing them try and work together always creates a good laugh. I just know though I’m going to get bored if this keeps up.

The Breakdown
The show is starting to slow down, and I’m still enjoying it, let’s just hope everything picks up by the end of Vol. 3.


» The Pros
Everything that made Vol. 1 good is still here, meaning the show doesn't decline in quality.

» The Cons
Everything that made Vol. 1 good is now starting to stretch thin, and if the main story doesn't start to pick up things will only worsen (fortunately, I hear things really ramp up later on, so I'm staying optimistic).

» Animation
Reviewed in Vol. 1.

» Sound
Reviewed in Vol. 1.

» Story
The funny and cool episode jokes are great, but the premise of the trio struggling for food and money grows slightly tiresome.

» Recommend
I still recommend this show highly for those who stuck it out through Vol. 1. For those who didn't enjoy Vol. 1, this won't change your mind, but for those on the fence, I recommend you keep watchiing.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese with English Subtitles

Insert with fat jon and Tsutchie inerviews and the official US trailer.

Last time Mugen took center stage, and this time it's the cool, somber Jin. I really like these stylish, all over the place covers, and that quality stays here. Again, this is the same as the Japanese R2 cover, so don't think we are missing out or anything.



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