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 Saturday, November 17, 2018
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» Company
ADV Films
» Running Time
100 mins
» Genre
Action, Drama
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
» User Rating
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Elfen Lied Vol. 1: Vector One

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Idle Hands are the Devil’s Plaything. Nyu is a babe in the woods. Washed up on the shore, unable to communicate, she’s discovered by a pair of college students-Kohta and Yuka-and counts on them for everything. Lucy is a vicious killer. Equipped with a battery of deadly psychic arms, she dismembers her enemies before they have time to scream. The two personalities couldn’t be more different-if only they didn’t have to share the same body! In Elfen Lied, Volume one, innocence and evil collide in some very dark places. As the rooms in Kohta’s rented house fill with runaways and killer mutants-danger mounts outside. Whether it’s from a renegade solder or a mutant assassin-one wrong move could mean the difference between life and death!

If you are worried that ADV Films might be shy with the blood and gore of this series, rest assured, because it is all here. With a rating of mature, Elfen Lied will please any fan who is interested in a drama with a very nice plot and action that will not only give you goose bumps, but also an adrenaline rush that commands you to just beg for more and more. In the three episodes that I have viewed, I just cannot get enough of this series. I did not want it to stop! Elfen Lied’s addictive meter is off the barometer. I do not know what to do with this itch that I am getting as a result of watching such an awesome anime.

The first thing you may hear about Elfen Lied is that Lucy/Nyu is naked quite often. Hey I do not mind, and it does add to the entertainment factor… so umm yeah, let us get off that subject. The second thing you probably will hear is the blood and gore that surrounds this piece. The last anime that I can remember watching that could be compared to the violence level of Elfen Lied is none other than Gantz. And Gantz is Gantz, so let us not compare apples with oranges.

Elfen Lied commences with Lucy breaking loose from her captivity. This, this and this happens (hehe, spoilers skipped, because you sure as hell will be amazed by all the things that go on) and she is suddenly discovered by Kohta and Yuka on a shore as Nyu. Okay, are there any cat girl lovers over here? Because that is who Nyu is; a cat girl, at least to me, she portrays one. Everything is fun until episode two rolls on, which is just hardcore violence taken to the extreme. I somehow wonder if it can get any worse. How many more ways are there to decapitate people? Torturing? How about just killing in general? Whatever happens happens, but I want to be impressed when any characters’ life gets taken, even if he or she played no particular role in the show. That way, Elfen Lied has to keep topping itself over and over, which I believe it can and will happily accept the challenge.

The Breakdown
Elfen Lied is incredible, the action along with the story is astounding. It grips you with so much force that you just have no other choice, but to love it and love it with everything you have got baby!


» The Pros
The story supersedes my expectations. I really loved the way this anime moved. It goes randomly from hardcore to softcore. There is just no telling what might happen next. Hence, the unpredictable factor is an important one for Elfen Lied as well as, the lucid animation that runs with it. The English track also is not that bad for a tough grader on dubs like me. It was adequate enough to please dub fans, but for me, I prefer the Japanese track any day.

» The Cons
I think cat girls are not 'in' anymore so why try to revive it? Hehe. Unexpected deaths occur so do not get too comfortable with any characters in this show :P.

» Animation
Blood flows like rivers and heads dropping like bird droppings :), the animation is just so awesome. It totally brings out the show itself.

» Sound
The dub always ruins the score. Man I cannot wait to hear the Japanese track! Okay, I should not be that harsh on the dub. It was surprisingly good. I did not get annoyed with it at all. It is a decent dub in my standards.

» Story
To have a story benefiting from the violence that this anime spits out, is a remarkable task. Some anime just gets sickening, but Elfen Lied manages to steer straight nonetheless. Thumbs up!

» Recommend
If Elfen Lied has not intrigued you yet, to the point where your blood is pumping and face is boiling from excitement... you got the adrenaline deficiency syndrome that the dude has in that Toyota Tacoma commercial. (^_^);;


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Currently N/A

The DVD cover is pretty normal, with Lucy/Nyu standing there. The promotional cover that I received is so much more better :P.



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