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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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» Company
» Running Time
260 min
» Genre
Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure
» Type
TV Series
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Tales of Eternia

» written by hinatasou [Discuss]

Two worlds opposite one another, Inferia and Celestia, are slowly closing in on each other and will eventually collide in the near future. Four heroes, Rid, Farah, Keel, and Meredy, leave Inferia Castle on a quest to prevent a second war between the worlds and stop the Grand Fall by collecting the Crymels, summoning spirits. Their quest now brings them to the Island of Balcarnu, which is shrouded by many secrets…

Tales of Eternia The Animation is based off of the Playstation 1 game called Tales of Destiny 2 (US). Tales of Destiny 2 is the third installment of the Tales of Phantasia series, released in March 11, 2000. The anime aired from January 1 to March 26, 2001. The game was developed by Wolf Team/Tri-Ace, the RPG subdivision of Namco. They later developed Valkyrie Profile and the Star Ocean series. The events in the anime do not take place in the video game. The Island of Balcarnu does not exist in the game. Rather it is a side quest that takes place in between obtaining Efreet and journeying to Mt. Farlos (My thanks to Cyllya at gamefaqs message boards for the information).

The Breakdown
Better than Sorcerer Hunters, but Tales of Eternia is not as groundbreaking as Slayers and Record of Lodoss War (as all the other anime review websites will tell you). It is not as funny as Rune Soldier but I enjoyed Eternia nevertheless.



» The Pros
Being a role playing game made anime, Tales of Eternia features your typical class specific characters. Keel and Meredy are like summoners wielding the Crymels Undine, Efreet, and Sylph. Farah is not the damsel in distress but plays an active role as a fighting monk. She can also use healing spells. Minima is a merchant, while Platia is an innkeeper. Marone is a dragonrider, a mixed hybrid with some swordsman skills and monk attacks. Coreena is a bard although when entranced becomes a dancer. Rid is your swordsman, carefree like Shikamaru (Naruto) staring into the clouds and enjoying the fresh air. I like Farah's remark about him in episode 8: Rid is in touch with his and other people's feelings. He is always staring blankly into the sky. But when the time is right, he becomes useful... Keel admits with an air of jealousy: He's not clever, and he's shallow in thought. He's also lazy and crude. But he seems to understand people's hearts right away. Marone in episode 9 says that because Rid is always looking up at the sky, when she is around him it is like she too is watching a sunny landscape. All of her worries and pains fade away. It's relaxing.

» The Cons
I wish they developed more of a romance between Farah and Rid. Their relationship is explained by the lyrics in the ending theme. At most Rid and Farah would be like a brother and sister. They are old friends and have always been together. Farah never really admits directly her love for him. Keel, on the other hand, is shy and can't even bare to gaze upon a woman in a bikini without blushing. He is affectionate towards Meredy.

» Animation
Guys try not to stare too long at the naked Farah in the opening sequence. Marone's pose with her garment rippling in the wind looks like it was snatched from Record of Lodoss War. I like how the white birds came out from Meredy's dress. The ending animation is devoted to Farah. When Farah performed her Soudou Shou-te Ha I immediately thought of Ryu's Hadoken from Street Fighter. Rid's Majin-ken attack is like Claude's Air Slash from Star Ocean. The death crabs in episode 1 look like the Vadons you find in Byalan Island in Ragnarok Online. They even make the same clamping noise with their claws.

» Sound
The opening Sora ni Kakeru Hashi and ending I'd Love You to Touch Me songs are performed by Masami Okui. Both are soft songs. There is no lack of voice talent in Tales of Eternia. In fact, the lead stars of anime voice casting are all together in this one series, many of which have worked together in past series: Megumi Hayashibara (Lina Inverse - Slayers, Haruka - Love Hina) as Marone, Horie Yui (Ayu - Kanon, Naru - Love Hina) as Coreena, Ishida Akira (Slayers Next - Xellos, Chrno Crusade - Chrno) as Rid, Minami Omi (Ruri - Nadesico, Hyatt- Excel Saga) as Meredy, Hoshi Souichirou (Kaoru - Ai Yori Aoshi, Kei - Onegai Sensei) as Keel, Yuko Minaguchi (Akiko - Kanon, DBZ - Videl, DBGT - Pan) as Farah, and Mitsuishi Kotono as X'sushia (Excel - Excel Saga, Noir - Mireille). Coreena ends her sentences with -desu, similar to how Ayu sometimes says Uguu~! Horie Yui is trying to sing off pitch although we all know how well she can really sing from Love Hina. Megumi Hayashibara steals the spotlight in episode 5 with her own karaoke.

» Story
Tales of Eternia is a great summer anime. Balcarnu is a paradise, like vacationing to the islands of Hawaii. The swimsuits are for fanservice. Just look at the male to female ratio in this series. There is a hot springs episode and an idol singer episode with Meredy and Coreena. There are flashbacks related to the video game on how Farah, Rid, and Keel met Meredy. The ending is open resembling Star Ocean EX. If you want to know what happens next you have to play the video game. Marone and Coreena, two characters only mentioned by non-playable characters (NPCs) in the video game, go on their own new adventure while Rid and the gang continue theirs.

» Recommend
The only way to get a hold of this anime is to import. Regular retail is $39.90 but I have seen it priced as high as $45.00. and have it cheap for slightly less than $20.00.


» Other Information
Language: Japanese dialogue with optional English subtitles


The brave Rid, smirking



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