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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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» Company
ADV Films
» Running Time
65 min.
» Genre
Fantasy, Comedy
» Type
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Slayers The Motion Picture

» written by hinatasou [Discuss]

Welcome to Mipross Island, the Promised Island, known for its impenetrable fog that is so dense that not even birds can fly freely through it. At a certain time each year marked by the appearance of fairy souls, the island unveils itself and accepts visitors from the continent. According to legend, there is an ancient site that dates back to the time elves once roamed. It is at that site where the past and the present overlap allowing you a glimpse of the future.

Meet the world renown Lina Inverse, the robber killer. Even mighty dragons would run away after speaking her name. Alongside is Naga, the white serpent, Lina’s most powerful and foremost rival. They are quite the dirty pair: Lina specializing in fire and elemental spells while Naga prides herself on her ice and summoning magic. Initially coming to Mipross to vacation at its famous hot springs, they soon find themselves fighting through the 10 strongest men on the island. Girl power~! Of course it all comes back to the great legend of the island and correcting the present history.

The Breakdown
Outstanding scores in all areas. If you liked the movie, you’ll like the series. If you liked the series, you’ll like the movie.







» The Pros
Slayers The Motion Picture (Slayers Perfect) is short enough to show at an anime club meeting at school without sacrificing the story. You can think of it as a nice introduction to the 3 seasons long anime tv series. You have spell casting, demon slaying action with an equal mix of flat chest, food-consuming humor just like the series itself.

» The Cons
If you want true fantasy without as much laughs try Record of Lodoss War. I think there should be some sort of MP limit as to how many spells can be performed at one time. Constantly throwing fireballs at one's whim without exhaustion gets to be like Dragon Ball Z.

» Animation
Beautiful island scenes, vast forests, and medieval castles. Zombies, demons, bandits, elves, a sage, the sword of light, jellyfish, and an illusionist - more than enough to satisfy a Dungeon & Dragons or RPG fan. High quality movie animation superior to the tv series. The exaggeration to Naga's ahem rounder areas is terrifying.

» Sound
Contains both Japanese and English stereo tracks. Musical scores throughout the movie is excellent. However, since the movie was distributed by ADV and the series done by Software Sculptors, the english dub voice of Lina has been changed acted by Cynthia Martinez. This shouldn't matter if you watch the japanese subtitled version. Nobody can play Lina better than Megumi Hayashibara. The ending theme, Midnight Blue also sung by Megumi, tops it all off as the credits roll.

» Story
The movie takes place before the tv series, prior to Lina's encounter with Gouury and Zelgadis. Slayers Perfect is the only one out of the other movies that bears some relation to the story in the tv show. Rowdy Gabrielf is the ancestor of Gouury whom the sword of light is passed down to. There is a brief disclosure of Lina's hometown, Zephillia. What is unique about the Dragon Slave spell despite the incantation being versed differently is that its dark power is able to combine with the sword of light for an ultimate attack. The only other time this was performed was in episode 23 of Slayers Next.

» Recommend
If you have the Slayers, Slayers Next, and Slayers Try box sets, I'd expect that you would already have this. If you can only purchase one of the slayers movies, this is the one to get. The other movies focus more on the stupid rivalry between Lina and Naga while the OVAs introduce how Lina met Naga.


» Other Information
Language: English dub, Japanese with English subtitles

Characters bios, slideshow, 2 trailers for the movie, 12 anime previews

Lina Inverse and her sidekick Naga casting a spell



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