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 Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Central Park Media
» Running Time
40 mins
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Animation Runner Kuromi

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Ever wonder what it would be like to work for an animation studio? Kuromi just landed her dream job at the famous Studio Petit, and boy is she in for a rude awakening! The boss is hospitalized moments after she arrives (he gave his life to anime), and suddenly Kuromi is the new head of the ultimate team of slackers! It’s up to her to finish “Time Journeys Episode 2,” or fans everywhere will be let down. Will Kuromi’s love of cartoons clean up this horrible mess… or make an even bigger one?

As an anime fan, we all dream of working in the anime field one day. Some fans are lucky enough to live that dream, and some fans can only dream. In this animation comedy, Mikiko Oguro was an anime fanatic since she was young. Her most memorable work that sparked her interest was titled Louis Monde III. I am sure we all have an anime that left us with the same effect as Kuromi’s. Mine being Love Hina.

In Animation Runner Kuromi, we are shown a group of animators whom lack the much needed self motivation for the job. It is funny how I can relate to some of the animator’s personality. I am smooth like Tanonaka, distracted by toys like Haryu, and sound uninterested like Shihonmatsu. That does not mean I am an animator, it just means I am human. And that is where Kuromi strives. It is life like. The depiction of the whole animation process was quite accurate according to Matt Sheridan in an interview included in the special features. The director Akitaroh Daichi also stated that the characters in Kuromi are actually three to four actual people combined into one. He also announced that Kuromi 2 is also in the works, but would not over extend the title, because after all it is only interesting because Kuromi is a rookie at what she is doing.

Animation Runner Kuromi is not a laughathon type of anime. It is not funny as it looks like it would be. You would get a chuckle here and there, but not a rolling on the floor type of laughter. This OVA will appeal to fans who are interested in how anime is created. You can learn a few jargons animators use to call things, such as, cuts and in-betweens, other than that you just get an average anime. I would not say that Animation Runner Kuromi is a must have title, it actually is not a title that would most likely be rented or owned only if you are really interested in how anime gets created.

The Breakdown
I knew creating anime was a difficult and long process, but I did not imagine that animators will give a hard time to the producers. I look forward to Animation Runner Kuromi 2, hopefully it will be a tremendous upgrade over the first, not that Kuromi 1 is bad; it is just average.


» The Pros
Learning a part of the anime creation process and characters are life like; based on actual a couple of real people in one.

» The Cons
Not as funny as it looks. I question the “Best OVA” award that it won at the Tokyo International Anime Fair. I just do not believe it has the best OVA status. Average yeah, not best.

» Animation
It looks good. Although the characters look more like super deformed characters, rather than actual adults.

» Sound
The music is enjoyable. The English dub is horrible. You have to go with the Japanese dialogue track if you want Kuromi to be audible. That was such a bad attempt to rhyme. :(

» Story
Short and sweet. Wrap it up in forty minutes. The depiction of the anime creation process was accurate to an extent. But this OVA is not something you would jump all over for.

» Recommend
Not everyone will enjoy this piece. It certainly did not leave a dramatic effect on me after watching it.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Interview with Director Akitaroh Daichi, Alternate Angle Storyboard Feature (view entire program in storyboard form), Interview with U.S. Voice Actor Lisa Ortiz, Art and Sketch Gallery, Animation Runner Kuromi Trailers, Director’s Diary: The Animation Process, Extensive DVD-ROM Features

The cover is bright. It gives a happy feeling. I like how Kuromi is posing. It shows her determination as an animation runner.



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