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 Monday, December 17, 2018
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Bandai Entertainment
» Running Time
100 mins.
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TV Series
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Crest of the Stars

» written by hinatasou [Discuss]

The Landing, Day 81, First Season, Year 172
Official announcement by the Crown Prince of the Abh: ‘I’d like to begin by outlining the nature of the relationship between our Empire and you. Firstly, my will and that of the Empire are one and the same. At least as far as you are concerned. Our nobility will first survey your systems. For the time being, our Emperor will be your lord. Needless to say, our Emperor has numerous duties so a magistrate will be appointed to your system. In any case, a ruler or magistrate normally does not get involved in the details. The reason for this is that we feel governing your world is the furthest thing from being elegant.’

Day 87, First Season, Year 172
The Martine Government surrenders to the Abh Empire. As a compromise, the President made a request that would allow the citizens of the Hyde system to make use of the routes to other star systems on the condition that the Abh be given the codes to the Space Defense System. President Rock Lin will rule their star system as magistrate.

Based on the novels by Hiroyuki Morioka, Seikai no Monsho (Crest of the Stars) takes place seven years after the surrender of the Martine Government. Jinto Lin, son of Rock Lin, departs for the capital in order to attend the official Abh Star Forces military school. Elf like but far from harmless, the Humanoid Abh Empire extends to over 1,500 inhabited star systems and another 20,000 partially inhabited star systems. Due to genetic manipulation, they are able to live for 200 years, are characterized by their blue hair, and both men and women are equally beautiful. Mysterious, they are more concerned with controlling space rather than directly ruling the planets themselves. They are as they say it themselves the kin of the stars. In other words, they are the crest of the stars. By one definition, they are the head, the top, or the highest point of the mountain known otherwise as the universe. Jinto has yet to met an Abh. That is until now.

The Breakdown
A strong science fiction series. Not overly romantic, while not weighing heavily on interstellar conflict.


» The Pros
The series is told in past tense as Jinto recollects the adventures he had on his journey to the capital. The story revolves around the budding relationship between Jinto and Lafiel, an Abh. Jinto was born a Terran and because of his father is one of the Abh nobility. Their happiness are tied to one another. Each one possesses strengths that complete each other's weaknesses. They rely on each other even if one is burdensome. Their warmth will grow on you, although they never quite kiss one another.

» The Cons
Sadly, Jinto never meets his childhood friend Dorin Ku or his baseball team again in this series. Much of the story after episode 1 is told from the point of view of the Abh as Jinto sees it. The Abh are merely defending themselves and the United Mankind is painted as the aggressor. There is a flaw, a strong bias in that. True, the higher authorities of the United Mankind broadcast propaganda commercials stating that the Abh are not human but nothing more than organic machines. That all free humans must put the Abh where they belong, as living machines made to serve humanity. Such is war. Only the side that you are on is right. The other second opinion was made in episode 1 by Teal, the Chief Executive Secretary to President Lin, whose reasoning made plenty of sense. It would be interesting to see their reactions if Teal, the new leader of the Hyde system, and Jinto were to meet one another again, most likely on the battlefield.

» Animation
I'm no MJ-Battle, but the character designs are old. The head looks awfully distorted like an 'upside-down pear, as if their brains are too big for their skulls.' Appendages of the young Jinto are too round. Shoulders a bit stiff.

» Sound
The orchestral scores capture the feel of an epic saga, which is exactly what Crest of the Stars is. Somehow I miss having an opening without lyrics. The ending theme is nothing spectacular.

» Story
Every detail to the Abh culture and civilization, the space technology and combat are constructed beautifully like its own Star Trek series. My gripe lies in Lafiel single handedly taking on both the police and the United Mankind Military. Hey, that's anime. The ending completes Crest of the Stars but is open for its sequel Battle Flag of the Stars (Banner of the Stars) I and II, for a total of three seasons.

» Recommend
Don't watch a single episode until you have collected all the DVDs. The story is slow paced. It took Lafiel and Jinto an entire 4 out of the 13 episodes to get past the young Baron Klowal.


» Other Information
Language: English dub, Japanese with English subtitles

Historic overview of the Abh and essays, textless opening and ending

Lafiel and Jinto. Anime title centered by an Abh royalty crest.



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