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 Saturday, November 17, 2018
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» Company
ADV Films
» Running Time
90 mins
» Genre
Action, Ecchi Humor, Drama
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
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Steel Angel Kurumi Vol. 3: Where Angels Fear To Tread

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

The Academy has sent its deadliest assassin to destroy Steel Angel Kurumi. Using the helpless Saki as bait, the ruthless Karinka sets a trap to finally rip out Kurumi’s powerful Mark II Heart from her chest cavity. But Kurumi’s Heart hides a dark force within that Karinka didn’t count on - a force that frightens everyone who witnesses its awesome power. Now the Academy is forced to take even more drastic measures. A mysterious stranger appears and tries to persuade Kurumi’s master to use his mystical power to stop Kurumi before her dark energy overtakes her.

In this volume of Steel Angel Kurumi, Nakahito is still trying to reason with himself why he cannot do the things his brother can with his mystical powers. He tries to assist Kurumi in her fight with Karinka, but fails. In turn we get to see an interesting scene as Kurumi becomes evil. The strength that she contains when she is demonized is beyond anybody’s imagination. After Karinka’s apparent lost, Nakahito was good for one thing, that was waking Kurumi out of her evil state.

I appreciate this volume, because Karinka spices things up. She adds more fun factor to the already fun story. First trying to find out Kurumi’s secret to her abilities, then trying to kiss Nakahito’s lips to gain power, and finally challenging Kurumi in winning the love of Nakahito. Not only is she acting the cute younger sister role, but the little in conversation cut in dialogues that describe her total disgust of what she is doing was pretty cute and funny. Saki on the other hand realizes what Karinka was doing, before Kurumi and tries to help Karinka out a little so that if Nakahito goes with Karinka, then Kurumi will be for her only.

All the fun ends though, as the story begins to get serious again. Nakahito gets taken away by the Academy. As Nakahito regains consciousness, he is lectured on the powers that the Angel Heart Mark II holds and at the end of the conversation, he was requested that he help the Academy in stopping Kurumi’s Angel Heart Mark II. Only here is where we discover the true feelings of Nakahito for Kurumi. Kurumi, Saki, Karinka, and the others are hurrying to rescue Nakahito. What will become of Kurumi?? Damn I hate tense moments like these!

The Breakdown
The way you portray Karinka before will definitely change after this volume!


» The Pros
The addition of Karinka adds a funnier atmosphere. But then of course, Kurumi and Saki are also funny in their own ways.

» The Cons
Nakahito can be annoying at times with his hesitant responses. The end of the volume leaves you hanging on the climax several thousand feet high.

» Animation
Already rated in Volume 1 review.

» Sound
Already rated in Volume 1 review.

» Story
This volume is very entertaining. It will indefinitely give you laughs.

» Recommend
If you already have started collecting this series, then keep going as this volume is a great addition to your library. As always if you have not been collecting this series, start with volume one.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese language with English Subtitles

Extended Episode Previews; Translator Notes; Production Sketches; Preliminary Design Sketches; Photo Gallery showcasing the charming ladies behind the English voices of 'Steel Angel Kurumi'; A Karinka Fortune Teller

Karinka is very angelic. She is nothing like the way she acts in the show though.



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