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 Thursday, July 31, 2014
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» Company
Urban Vision
» Running Time
4 episodes
» Genre
» Type
TV Series
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Pet Shop Of Horrors

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Welcome to Chinatown’s most unique pet shop. There is a variety of exotic creatures to choose from, each with an intriguing tale to share with the lucky owner. But be careful, what you see is not necessarily what you get. Here is a collection of four stories of lost love, second chances, and redemption. Whether or not the client can handle the responsibility, however, is a matter of life and eath. The first episode, entitled ‘Daughter’, chronicles a couple’s attempt at having the perfect family. The second episode, ‘Delicious’, is a tale of betrayal and second chances. The third episode, ‘Despair’, tells the story of a has-been actor and a love so blindly devoted, it surpasses even death. The final episode, ‘Dual’, brings the legendary holy beast known as the Kirin into the hands of two men, and only one will survive.

Pet Shop Of Horrors, first question that comes into my mind, ‘What the hell kind of title for an Anime is this?’ Anime with strange title names usually turn me away from it. But I guess I was foolish for doing so. Without even taking time to learn what PSOH is about I came to conclusions (prejudging is bad, in Anime and in life). Thinking that PSOH is just bad, I drew a distance from it. After watching it, I suddenly realized what I have missed all this time and I am now slapping myself for it. (Hehe)

Made up of four episodes, each containing a story of its’ own. Pet Shop Of Horrors really will give you horrors. Especially in episode one ‘Daughter,’ I was getting chills all over after the climax of the story was displayed right before my eyes. I wish there was more to PSOH; it is something that is different from what I usually watch.

Anyways, in order to obtain a pet, the person must sign a contract with Count D. Rules are simple and there are only three. The main rule seems to be not to show the pet to anyone (it is stated on every contract). If a rule of the contract is broken, the shop will not assume any responsibility for what is to happen. Of course, the owner in every episode breaks the rules of the contract and we all can predict what happens to them.

If you are a viewer that is looking away from PSOH, you are making a big mistake. PSOH is a very cleverly done piece of work, by the ‘Anime Dreamteam’ made up of: Hisashi Abe (Vampire Hunter D), Rintaro (Final Fantasy) and Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll, Wicked City, Bio Hunter).

The Breakdown
Overall the product is very good. I thank Urban Vision for providing me with the DVDs, so that I can review them. Thanks a bunch!


» The Pros
The uniqueness that every episode contains, and it makes you want to think, 'What will go on next?'

» The Cons
Four episodes of horror!!!!!! Short.

» Animation
Well done animation.

» Sound
Digitally remastered in 5.1 equals better sound quality.

» Story
Since every episode is a story on its' own, it really makes the 20 minutes or so run time worth it.

» Recommend
The title may not be appealing, but Pet Shop Of Horrors is a definite watch for any fan.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese language with English Subtitles

Deleted Footage, Audio Commentary by the English director and cast, UV trailers.

Something from each episode is displayed.



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