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 Sunday, November 18, 2018
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47 min
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TV Series
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Kiddy Grade

» written by hinatasou [Discuss]

About 162 years ago, the Galactic Union (GU) and the Galactic Organization of Trades and Tariffs (GOTT) were formed. Their job was to correct economic imbalance, arbitrate disputes, and negotiate contracts and treaties with planets all over the galaxy. As GOTT, they strive to protect everyone in the galaxy, as well as the people’s property and rights. Enter Lumiere and ?‰clair, GOTT ES-members who routinely carry out police type missions under the authority of Director Eclipse.

First aired on Japanese TV in October 2002 marking the directorial debut of Keiji Goto, the character designer for Martian Successor Nadesico. Why call it ‘Kiddy Grade’? Kiddy shortened is kid or children. Grade refers to quality of manufacture like the grade of oil or metal. Put together in essence they refer to the two main stars Lumiere and ?‰clair. Although children like in appearance, they execute the law, more of a job for grown ups. But, as said in episode 3, children are purer when compared to adults. They contain innocence, unsoiled by greed, power, and lust. They have a simple notion much like the rules we learn in kindergarten of right and wrong, a respect for others. It is quite interesting, more of a juxtaposition, that although outwardly they are youths, both are in fact immortal. ?‰clair is the reincarnation of the Eclairs before her, and as the anime progresses, she follows down the same path as her predecessors. Yet the way she resolves the situation is her own choosing.

The Breakdown
Despite the claims of lack of originality and extreme fanservice, I still believe Kiddy Grade has something to offer for the anime fan. Plot wise it is intriguing and carries an air of suspense and mystery.


» The Pros
For people who like X-men, Kiddy Grade has it's own set of superheroes than form sort of like a justice league. Viola and Cesario control the bonding of molecules. Eclipse has the ability of quantum jump. Alv and Dvergr can absorb all powers.

» The Cons
Fanservice? Of course. Many on the net say that this is another Dirty Pair. Lumiere resembles the favorite Nadesico 'white fairy' Ruri in hair color and in abilities. Dextera and Sinistra are definitely yaoi fan service. And if one ?‰clair wasn't enough wait until you see her clones.

» Animation
Nothing wrong in this area. Splendid and colorful.

» Sound
'Any planet's keeping twinkle, never let me forget. Everybody's keeping secrets, never let me get back. Sore kizukereba hitori ja nai yo. Give me the power of love.' From the opening theme, Mirai no Kioku. Great song. The scenes change after episode 15 but the intro remains the same. Ending, by Little Viking - Future, is ok, last scene changes slightly from ?‰clair to Lumiere glancing at you. BG range from classical instruments to digital carrying the different themes of victory, a calm pleasantness, to suspicion and uneasiness.

» Story
The beginning episodes give an adventuristic feel as ?‰clair and Lumiere crack down on illegal operations. But soon after it gets muddled as ?‰clair remembers her past. In Episode 11 ?‰clair makes a revelation to put an end to the injustices of the world. Episode 15 marks the turning point of the series with the destruction of the present GOTT. After this point it gets confusing and is worth watching the entire series twice. The characters are completely redesigned with ES member fighting ES member. What stays constant through the series is the underlying theme: the conflict between class, the nobles versus basically everyone else.

» Recommend
Import DVDs only carry 2 episodes per disk although it does include a 160 page hardcover book with production material and a set of 3 trading cards. It is still best to wait for an official U.S. release. Hopefully a box set is in the works.


» Other Information
Language: Japanese with English subtitles

textless intro and outro, TV spots, comments from voice actors

?‰clair happily wielding her lipstick-whip weapon, behind the planet Aineias



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