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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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1 hr. 36 min.
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Movie, Live Action
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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

» written by hinatasou [Discuss]


Chun-Li, played by Kristin Kreuk, rising star from Smallville, who you can totally tell was faking being able to play the piano as evidenced by the close up shot of just the fingers blah blah blah…Ok, scroll down for the gist of it.



It’s funny how when I go into a movie with low expectations like Transformers (I absolutely believed that was gonna fail), they come out better than previously thought. The opposite is true. When I go in with high expectations like for Ghost Rider, it performed far worse than anticipated. So when all the initial reviewers said this was going to be a terrible movie, I had my doubts walking in. But not anymore. It’s good. I enjoyed it. Finally a review that will do the movie justice.

I was bummed that the movie only showed at one theater nearby out of three and it was late at night only (sorry for ya Wauks that they canceled your showing). It cost me $11, expensive yes. That’s like the cost of a Ragnarok Online one month subscription here. There were 27 people in the theater so it wasn’t vacant. Much more than the sparse numbers reviewers paraded during opening week.




Chris Metzen promised that the World of Warcraft movie by Legendary Pictures will be everything that video games movies are not - Epic. Not that this movie was any bad. Before I forget you got to check out Street Fighter: The Later Years, a 9 part mini-series spoof. Episode 4 introducing Chun-Li. She should have played the role of Chun-Li in the actual movie!@ She’s part asian.


» The Pros
Filmed in Thailand. My favorite scene was when the train ran right through the middle of the marketplace.

» The Cons
Chun-Li's comment about Vega's face made no sense. He's quite handsome for the Spanish champion.

» Animation
What the hell were the reviewers talking about it being 100% Matrix like?! There was nothing Matrix about it. Sure it was blatant how they animated her pendant. The movie had great choreographed melee fights. Always a pity how goons can't shoot their target, and when you do get shot there's no blood. At the end of the movie, Kristin Kreuk had fake dried up tomato ketchup running down her nose. Too bad they didn't have Bison in his red outfit and Chun-Li in her Alpha wear. They needed a nude Chun-Li shower scene and have Vega bust in like in the uncut version of the Street Fighter 2 animated movie.

» Sound
Balrog had a deep voice but he came off as a robot. There is some swearing (Sh*t hole). The music really didn't bother me. But I wish they had incorporated the original video game scores. Also, they should have hired the Canadian Infinite from Street Fighter 3rd Strike to do the rapping.

» Story
The story was fast paced. Characterwise: no Guile. No Blanka. No Dhalsim. No Zangief. No Sagat although if they were to do a sequel as they hinted he could be the one hosting the Street Fighter Tournament. Not likely with sales (a pitiful $5 million during opening week). No Ryu, but they mentioned his name in the end. Bison is truly a fiend and they captured that well. Unfortunately, I desperately wanted to see his Psycho Crusher! Chun-Li was the only one to have specials - her Spinning Bird Kick and Kikouken (which needed to be blue instead of red). There's Rose but different from what you think. Charlie needed to be blond. Gen needed gray hair, but he's still awesome. In terms of skill, Gen is one of the strongest characters in the franchise and in his prime equal to Akuma. Chun-Li's father definitely needed to have shown greater signs of aging. Some inconsistencies, more like plot holes, like when Chun-Li suddenly popped in front of Charlie. What happened when Charlie and Maya were following Balrog's entourage?

» Recommend
Oh yea, that Maya girl was hot. I was expecting Charlie to score with her but oh well. I'd rather have Kristin Kreuk any day than Jessica Alba (Fantastic 4). This movie is better than the Jean-Claude Van Damme Street Fighter movie.


» Other Information
Language: English, some Chinese with English subtitles. Little Japanese too.


I loved the opening orange-yellow Street Fighter 4 stylized logo within the movie. They should have made THAT into the poster with oriental designs instead of the blue above one. Who is that guy supposedly punching Vega's mask in the background anyway? Shouldn't that have been Chun-Li? And wait Vega had long hair in the movie looking like a Predator alien. Why is his silhouette bald? You know if they made a better poster this movie would have sold more.



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