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 Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Right Stuf Launches The “New”!

» News, Sales | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 10/30/2007 [Discuss]

Anime producer and distributor Right Stuf, Inc. continues its 20th anniversary celebration with the Web site launch of the ‘new’, featuring expanded sections for its online anime superstore, Nozomi Entertainment production division and Anime Today podcast.

In addition to the new ‘look,’ creating an even more positive visitor experience was a driving force for the project, said Right Stuf Chief Technology Officer Richard Harms. ‘We wanted to better showcase the things that make Right Stuf special. From RSS feeds that allow you to subscribe to news and new product additions in the store, updates from Nozomi Entertainment and podcast episodes to making the answers to those ‘frequently asked questions’ more readily available.’ - Home
The homepage gives visitors one-click access to the online superstore, the Nozomi Entertainment site, the Anime Today site and customer service.

- While clicking on these ‘tabs’ will take visitors to each area’s section, passing one’s cursor over the exclamation point (!) on each tab will reveal a drop-down menu that allows the visitor to view a list of what that specific section contains, as well as instant access to those contents.

- The ‘What’s Hot’ menu includes direct links to weekly specials, pre-orders, new/changed items and contests, plus the ability to search the store from the front page.

- The ‘Get Informed’ area, on the left-hand side of the page, includes quick access to the Got Anime? Savings Club, the Right Stuf mailing list subscription page, company history, affiliate program, anime fan support (anime clubs, conventions and screening permissions), the Right Stuf print catalog and more.

- And the homepage continues to feature the latest news (also now available as an RSS/subscription feed), current best-sellers from the superstore and what’s new from Nozomi Entertainment. Anime Superstore
The store’s new table of contents page serves as map to the more than 22,000 items - from all North American anime and manga industry vendors - that are available to customers through

Nozomi Entertainment
The new Nozomi Entertainment section allows visitors instant access to information specific to Right Stuf’s production division and its releases.

- Its above-the-fold section highlights current and upcoming Nozomi Entertainment properties and includes direct links to press releases, an ongoing production news section (with RSS feed) and a release calendar.

- The ‘Series Sites’ area, just below, includes a link to a page where one can access, subscribe to and download series trailers for all Nozomi and Right Stuf properties, plus it features links to the series sites, as well as a ‘key’ allowing visitors to tell, at a glance, what ‘extra features’ are available on each, individual series site.

- The left-hand column offers links to the official Nozomi Entertainment MySpace page and forum on

- And finally, it includes a visual listing of new and best-selling DVDs and merchandise produced by the Nozomi Entertainment division of Right Stuf.

Anime Today Podcast
The Anime Today section serves as first-stop for Right Stuf, Inc.’s official podcast.

- Visitors can find an episode index, as well as detailed episode summaries and direct downloads for two years of Anime Today podcasts, plus podcast FAQs.

- Listeners can ‘talk back’ to the Anime Today crew via links to the podcast’s MySpace page and the Anime Today forum at

- And those interested in subscribing to the podcast can do so via links to iTunes, as well as Anime Today-specific RSS feeds.

Customer Service
Have a question about Right Stuf, Inc. that isn’t answered anywhere else on the site? Find information on contact and buying procedures, shipping and gift certificates here, as well as forms and a mailbag with notes from Right Stuf customers.

To view the new site, visit

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