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 Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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» Company
Bandai Entertainment
» Running Time
6 episodes
» Genre
Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy
» Type
» Final Score
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Saber Marionette J Again

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Another excellent sequel from an excellent series. Saber Marionette J Again is ‘Program 26′ with six parts. This is an OVA so the animation is very well done. Everyone has his or her own opinions and my opinion to SMJA is that this OVA sequel is really funny. I’ve never laughed so much while watching an anime since Slam Dunk.

In SMJA you’ll meet another marionette (Marine) built with another maiden circuit (this circuit is somewhat different, you’ll see when you watch it J). The NSM-X1 codenamed Marine has an anti-plasma shield not only that, she even have the ability to control plasma and absorb it as energy to fire energy attacks. Marine has everything Otaru’s three marionettes have. From cooking to fighting, Marine is on top. The whole story of SMJA is stopping a plasma storm big enough to destroy all of Terra II. (Can you guess who can stop the storm?) Although SMJA is good, but its not enough to tame my craze for Saber Marionette J. So now I have to wait till April for Saber Marionette J to X to be released!!!

The Breakdown
You just can’t go wrong with SMJA, because its just that damn good that even I can’t come up with a overall statement to end this review (LOL)


» The Pros

» The Cons

» Animation
OVA animation, clear, detailed with 3D work. This sequel has to take quite a while to finish.

» Sound
Again with Megumi Hayashibara as Lime and now with another hot new opening theme 'Hesitation.'

» Story
Although just a sequel to the original TV series, but this six episodes program 26 OVA of SMJ is very entertaining. I hope J to X won't disappoint me.

» Recommend
If you haven't seen the TV series then don't bother with SMJA. If you have then you better get it! SMJA is only $20.00+ on online stores!!


» Other Information
Language: v





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