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 Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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» Company
Manga Entertainment
» Running Time
90 mins
» Genre
Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
» Type
» Final Score
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Karas: The Revelation

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Picking up precisely where The Prophecy ends, the new Karas, Otoha, seeks vengeance against the Yakuza that murdered his buddy and almost killed him. Meanwhile the old Karas, Eko, unleashes his wrath and contempt for the final epic battle to save the city and protect the will of the people as Prophecy becomes Revelation!

It has been more than a year since ‘The Prophecy’ was revealed. To be honest, I nearly have forgotten what Karas was mainly about. ‘The Revelation’ also does not help in trying to recover the viewer’s memories of the previous events that took place in the show. When I was watching the first few minutes of the show, I was sitting there trying to grasp anything I can that I faintly remember. I was even pondering if I might have skipped something, maybe another volume before ‘The Revelation.’ Of course, I could not have and within due time things began to make sense again and I was enjoying this piece more than the first.

As we begin this volume, Otoha has lost his Karas powers as Yurine is captured by Eko, and Nue is hurt from a previous battle. What this volume provides is the real background story of both Otoha and Nue. We are revealed why they are the way that they are. Otoha was a part of the Yakuza, not knowing the feeling of pain, he was the perfect killer. I believe the creators did a nice job in showing how Otoha is deep down. We are not given a super hero that is perfect and flawless. Karas is/was human, before he is Karas, he makes mistakes just like other humans and to bring that side of him into light really connects the viewers with the character. As for Nue, he was a supporter of Eko, until both his brother and him realized that with Eko’s vision, both humans and demons will be annihilated. In the lose-lose situation they both rebel with his brother ended up being captured by Eko.

Eko was the city’s Karas for years, protecting humans, why has he turned into what he has? I never understood that aspect until this volume revealed that his sudden obsession for annihilation is due to the greed of humans. Eko grew tired of protecting a city that never learned. And in order for Eko to create a new city, he has to start from zero.

Karas: The Revelation is on a whole new level from Karas: The Prophecy. I was truly astonished from beginning to the end by its lovely visuals; action sequences that push boundaries I never thought were possible and the overall experience the show delivers is just sweet. This piece manages to put you in a hole, making the viewer think to themselves, ‘How is Otoha going to get out of this one?’ and what are the creators going to do to maximize the entertaining factor of the ending? I will not say that I have never been so synced up with an anime before, but in ‘The Revelation’ the acoustics, the animation, and the flow of the show is simply overwhelming. As I was watching this anime, I could not get enough of the action. It was consistent, and was definitely a fun experience to be had.

The Breakdown
Certainly, Manga Entertainment has made us wait for the continuation of Karas, now that it is here, I have to say, I was not disappointed with the results. The show is balanced, the sounds are effective and forces you to pay attention to what is going on in the scenes. The music score is amazing as it was in the first volume. And as I have stated previously, the animation is superb, with the varying use of chase scenes and head to head battle scenes. What this volume has that the first did not have is the meat of the Karas story. If you were one of those viewers that did not really comprehend the things that were going on in ‘The Prophecy,’ you will see the light with ‘The Revelation.’ And if you knew where everything was from the start, you will definitely love how the show plays out in the end. I applaud Manga Entertainment for bringing such a great show to the States and while it took a long time, the finished product is what really matters.


» The Pros
The ending worked. Considering myself a hard to please anime viewer, I was content with what was shown.

» The Cons
The connection between the first and second volume could have been better. As I stated in the review, I was lost for a moment there, trying to recollect my memories of the show.

» Animation
If you thought the animation from the first volume was impressive. You do not know what volume two has in store for you. The action makes you feel you are a spectator. The camera angles has an effect that draws the viewers in. It was a lot of fun watching something of this caliber.

» Sound
Not a lot of change from the first to the second volume. The job that Yoshihiro Ike and the Prague Symphony Orchestra is such a work of art. It was a great experience.

» Story
This volume is all about the story of Karas. What was unclear in volume one will be sorted out in here. From what I have stated in "The Prophecy" review, the story movement was just too fast, but in "The Revelation" the speed was reduce significantly. Either that, or the show itself was just easier to comprehend at this point. Nonetheless, as I look back and combine both of the volumes together, Karas definitely lived up to the hype that it was given.

» Recommend
"The Revelation" is a must have if you have seen "The Prophecy." If you are looking for something short and entertaining, you cannot go wrong with Karas. There are so much this show offers that words cannot detail all of them.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Textless Opening, Voiceover Talent Interviews, Bloopers, Draft Pencil Sketch Alternate Angle, Image Gallery.

The package design is nice. It just demands attention. The DVD sleeve and Karas' pose on it, is pretty cool.



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