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 Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Anime Network Inks Five New Linear Carriage Deals!

» News, Industry, Anime | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 06/28/2007 [Discuss]

Building on its strength as a 24/7 linear offering, Anime Network has announced the completion of five carriage agreements that will add new subscribers from coast to coast. America’s #1 Anime Channel has signed linear deals with Bresnan (Midwest), Hawaiian Telecom (Hawaii), BendBroadband (Oregon), BELD Broadband (Massachusetts) and Volcano Vision (California).

Today’s news adds up to 200,000 new subscribers to Anime Network’s distribution and further validates its strength as a 24/7 linear channel. Anime Network is already the largest VOD offering and one of the most popular SVOD services available today-available to some 31 million VOD-enabled households. The company continues to offer its distribution partners unique content packages on the VOD and linear platforms that speak to the needs of both the consumer and the affiliate multi-system operator (MSO).

‘Anime Network’s 24/7 linear service provides fresh, new programming to fans seeking entertainment they cannot currently find on most channel lineups,’ said Kevin McFeeley, the network’s Vice President of Affiliate Sales and New Media. ‘While we program the 24/7 linear channel for mass appeal, we offer our newest and edgiest content on the VOD platform, which allows us to meet the expectations of all our fans-new and loyal alike.’

Anime Network’s current linear launch schedule for each MSO is as follows:

* Bresnan - Now available on a system-by-system basis.
* Hawaiian Telecom - In test starting July 1 in Honolulu on Channel 171.
* BendBroadband - Now available on Channel 156 in Oregon
* BELD Broadband - Now available on Channel 620 in Braintree, Massachusetts
* Volcano Vision - Available July 1 on Channel 171 in California.

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