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 Thursday, January 17, 2019
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» Company
ADV Films
» Running Time
100 mins
» Genre
Action, Drama, Comedy
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
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Air Gear Vol. 1: East Side Showdown

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Spread your wings and fly! Welcome to the world of Storm Riders, where motor-powered inline skates called ‘Air Trecks’ take extreme sports to a whole new level. Those who dare to ride with these high tech devices risk life and limb in a struggle for fame, power and wings to take to the sky. Enter Ikki Minami, the toughest fighter on the east side of town. He rules his school, takes on violent gangs single-handedly and lives with the Noyamanos: four sexy sisters with a surprising secret. And after a humiliating defeat by a terrifying gang of Storm Riders, the sisters welcome him to the world of Air Trecks, where his strength, speed and ambitions soar to brand new heights. Now, with powerful new sings, he must protect his friends, his school and his pride in fierce Air Treck battles known as ‘Parts Wars.’ One mistake could cost him everything, but each victory brings him one step closer to becoming the king of the sky.

Not sure if rollerblading ever went out of style, but if it did, Air Gear is certainly going to bring it back. The show first came off to me as some young audience based anime, but upon viewing it, that assumption went straight out through the window.

Air Gear is by Oh! great, you might have heard that name from another show, Tenjho Tenge. Anyways, as mentioned above, it revolves around ‘Air Trecks’ which resemble rollerblades in reality. Itsuki Minami, AKA ‘Ikki’ is our character in focus. He is reckless and fearless. One day he sneaks in the forbidden room of the house he is freeloading off of and discovers air trecks along with the Sleeping Forest badge. As he takes the ATs out for a spin one night, he sees Simca, the girl that he has been eyeing for a while, at a Storm Riders meet. After seeing that people were touching her and slapping stickers on her, the perverted Ikki, takes the Sleeping Forest sticker and slaps it on Simca’s back… little did he know, he put the sticker on top of another Storm Riders’ in which signifies a challenge. Many intriguing things follow and it will certainly be a treat for you to find out.

Air Gear is a show that nails it. The show is well balanced with comedy, action, drama and plot. The battle scenes are exciting and the characters leave a lasting appeal. The acoustics is no slouch either as the bumping soundtrack blends in with the scenes to create an atmosphere so impressive it leaves audiences in a state of shock. On the comedy side, Air Gear is not an anime that is focused on getting pure laughs; it utilizes situations and moods to build up to a certain point and then lets a quick jab to knock everything down. Basically, it is serious when it has to be, and even if it’s serious, the show will somehow bring it back to a laidback state after everything is said and done.

The Breakdown
From what I have seen so far, this show should be an entertaining experience for most viewers. Of course, ADV Films releasing the title uncensored helps as well. If you want a series to watch that will get you all pumped up, then look no further than what we have here. I can truly say, Air Gear has everything I look for in an anime.


» The Pros
Air Gear brings me back to the days when I used to cruise down my territory on rollerblades and just let loose. And my decision to finally come back into the rollerblading scene after a year hiatus certainly has been a result of Air Gear. The show has a way to influence people. I never thought how such a basic concept of a show can hold such capabilities. From the beginning to the end, you feel like you are in a race with time, you want to win, you just cannot wait for the next thing to happen. That is the kind of reaction a show like Air Gear gives off. It is great how I have yet again learned that I have not seen everything this hobby has to offer.

» The Cons
The urges for more definitely set in, in a show such as this. Del-Rey has licensed and released the manga by the way... if you did not know that already. Cons so far are not that clear as we have just began on this journey. I am sure, things might come up later on in the show though.

» Animation
The animation of Air Gear is amazing. The battles are detailed and the tricks are awesome. You would have a hard time not wanting to fly after seeing this stuff :p.

» Sound
Right from the start, the opening theme, "Chain" by Back-on, brings fans into the show. The music jump starts you, at least, it did for me. The soundtrack is tight and I would be looking into purchasing it some time soon.

» Story
The plot is a simple one: "One's climb to greatness." Of course, the process of doing so is never simple (thank goodness :D). In Air Gear, every battle has a meaning, which is to advance to the next level. And with the things I have seen thus far, it will be an interesting ride.

» Recommend
No doubt in my mind that this title here is a show you can bet on. It has become one of my favorites in such little time.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue With English Subtitles.

Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation, and Previews.

Ringo and Ikki on ATs. I am liking this shiny cover ADV Films has introduced lately.



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