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 Sunday, January 20, 2019
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ADV Announces Acquisition of Ah! My Goddess Season Two

» News, Industry, Anime | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 12/29/2006 [Discuss]

ADV Films, the #1 producer-distributor of anime in the U.S., announced today it has acquired exclusive home video and broadcast rights in North America for the second season of Ah! My Goddess.

It is based on one of the best selling international manga in the U.S. It is one of the longest running and successful manga series of its time. Now, from production studio AIC (Godannar, Tenchi Muyo!), with character designs by Hidenori Matsubara (Gankutsuou: The Count of Monty Cristo, Bubblegum Crisis 2040) comes the long awaited second season of the popular anime series! Everyone agrees, this is the way the creator intended it to be!

Synopsis: College freshman Keiichi Morisato is chosen by the great heavenly computer Yggdrasil to receive one with. This is a most extraordinary gift…too bad Keiichi thinks it’s a joke played by his roommates! Playing into the joke, Keiichi wished for Belldandy, the angelic goddess, to stay with him forever, and she gladly does. Belldandy and Keeichi have had many adventures together, but many more loom on the horizon. The second season of Ah! My Goddess is here! Heavens be praised!

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