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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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» Cover

» Company
ADV Films
» Running Time
100 mins
» Genre
Action, Romance, Sci-Fi
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
» User Rating
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This Ugly Yet Beautiful World Vol. 1: Falling Star

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

“There’s nothing I can do to make a difference. Wars will be fought. People will die,” Takeru said. “I’ll never matter.”

He didn’t know how wrong he was. Takeru has a very special place in this universe. And he doesn’t know how special until he meets a beautiful girl who falls from the stars.

Hikari seems to have no memory of who she is (or, for that matter, where her clothes are). So Takeru takes her into his care. And that’s when things get nasty.

Hikari is not like other girls. Her name may mean “light,” but she has a dark history - and an even darker future. One that will change Takeru and his friends forever, and show them all just how beautiful yet cruel this universe can be!

The name of this title is one that will strike some attention. ‘This Ugly Yet Beautiful World,’ I enjoy saying that for an unexplainable odd reason. Now to start off, let us mention the name Gainax. Alright now that the introductions are exchanged we head off to a world where as stated in the synopsis; a world where the main character Takeru feels that he has no influence on the world no matter what he does. To some of us, we can understand his state of mind. I mean, we are all just a small part of this highly populated planet we call Earth. It would require that one do something amazing in order to be noticed or world changing. With his laid back state of mind, one day as he heads off making a delivery for his job along with his best friend, a bolt of energy suddenly appears and comes right at them. As the bolt of energy got near, it rose up and separated into two. And as they all say, ‘The rest is history.’

When the two friends decide to look for the light that they saw, they were in for a surprise… a girl who looks exactly like the portrait artwork of Takeru’s dream girl appears from the light. And at that time, Takeru, not realizing what he was doing, says, ‘Hikari,’ which in turn gives the mysterious girl her name. The moment did not last very long as a monster appears from the forest and begins to attack Hikari. In the events that occur after this scene you will realize why the title is called, ‘This Ugly Yet Beautiful World.’ Out of nowhere, Takeru transforms into this super being and before it is said and done, Hikari shows a bit that she is not someone to be messed with either.

Of course, in the first volume we are just getting acquainted with the characters and nothing deep is being uncovered here, obviously. I do find that this show may cause some viewers to be confused as to what genre it really falls in. I mean, everything in the first thirty minutes or so of the show points it to the ‘average teen high school drama’ direction. But after getting a taste as to what ‘This Ugly Yet Beautiful World’ has to offer, you can make a claim that it will get some attention from anime fans. Especially those Gainax freaks that we seem to have everywhere :D.

Now as for the makeup of this piece, those of us who have seen one or two Gainax shows can already tell by the style that ‘This Ugly Yet Beautiful World’ is done, but for those who do not know, the animation is very clean and the characters are superbly designed; from the wardrobe to the features. I just have a difficult time admiring this anime at times, but who would not?, after seeing Hikari and the archaeologist, Jennifer Portman.

As for the acoustics go, the theme songs were great to listen to and the voice actors did not disappoint either, so we have a great balance of everything in this show. This was a nice pick up by ADV Films and a great job done by Gainax again.

The Breakdown
“This Ugly Yet Beautiful World” occupies a place in my heart. It is beautiful in form and the way it was delivered to me. If you are looking for a short series with a lot of great memories, give this anime a try. I would be surprised if you come back to me disappointed.


» The Pros
"This Ugly Yet Beautiful World," possesses beautiful animation that matches up with a nice package of comedy, romance and action. In my world, this anime is just what I need for this long hot summer :).

» The Cons
Makes you question, "so is this an action flick or is it a romance comedy?" From the cover it looks like a romance comedy and it is featured in the show, but the main focus is still on the action and the combination of Hikari and Akari.

» Animation
As you are reading this review, you have probably received the point that the animation is great, so let us stop with it already :P. Gainax is super when it comes to anime like these, just like they were when Mahoromatic came out.

» Sound
I am always fond of an anime with a great original soundtrack. This right here is a good one, and it deserves some listening to. The voice actors, both of the Japanese track and English track did an awesome job in bringing these characters vividly to life. It really cannot get any better than that. Can it?

» Story
So far, nothing much has been revealed about the story and that is understandable seeing that it is still just volume one. But from what I can decipher and from experience this show will come down to the near end if that is any indication of anything.

» Recommend
Of course, as much as great "This Ugly Yet Beautiful World" is, the appeal is not directed to everyone and unless you are into monster fighting, beautiful girls and a little romance tossed in, you are better off staying a bit away. *wink*


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Translator Notes, Original Japanese Commercials, Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation, Previews.

As expected from ADV Films, the DVD cover here is well done and eye catchy.



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