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 Thursday, January 17, 2019
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VIZ Media Announces The First Anniversary Issue of Shojo Beat Magazine

» News, Industry, Manga | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 05/16/2006 [Discuss]

VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced content for the July 2006 issue of SHOJO BEAT magazine, which goes on sale nationwide on June 20. This edition marks the first anniversary for the dynamic publication aimed at the growing number of shojo manga fans in North America. This demographic is now one of the fastest growing segments in the manga publishing industry.

Debuting in this special issue will be VAMPIRE KNIGHT, a new romantic fantasy series by Matsuri Hino, the creator of the popular title MERUPURI, which is also offered as a dedicated graphic novel by VIZ Media’s SHOJO BEAT imprint. Hino is also set to make a rare appearance as a guest of VIZ Media at the 2006 Comic-Con in San Diego, July 20-23. The July 2006 issue will be the first SHOJO BEAT issue to have manga with color ink tones (cyan and magenta) - the first for any domestic manga anthology publication. The contrast will be visually compelling and will closely mirror the format of many Japanese manga anthology counterparts. Also included in this anniversary issue will be an ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND pin-up poster by Yuu Watase, whose Drawing with Yuu tutorial series launches with this edition. This is further augmented by the second of three tutorial installments by manga titan Keiko Takemiya, who will continue to offer instructional techniques and advice to SHOJO BEAT readers and hopeful manga artists. An interview with J-Pop superstar HYDE and the first annual comprehensive manga quiz round out the issue.

‘The past year has been a big one for the shojo manga genre in North America, and we are pleased to mark an important benchmark for SHOJO BEAT magazine with this special issue,’ says Yumi Hoashi, Editor-in-Chief of SHOJO BEAT and vice president of VIZ Media’s magazine division. ‘To show our appreciation to fans, we are pleased to launch our newest shojo series, VAMPIRE KNIGHT, in the July issue
and also announce the rare appearance of artist Matsuri Hino at the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con to help us celebrate our first-year anniversary. Shojo manga continues to captivate a growing national fan base and SHOJO BEAT has emerged as the leading first-of-its-kind publication uniquely dedicated to this dynamic genre. We look forward to nurturing its bright future.’

SHOJO BEAT magazine offers a format modeled after the tremendously popular, easy-to-read SHONEN JUMP magazine, also published by VIZ Media. It carries a ‘T+’ rating for older teens and features several ongoing titles each month from Japanese publishing giants Shogakukan Inc. and Shueisha Inc. (both parent companies of VIZ Media), as well Hakusensha, a subsidiary of Shueisha, another one of Japan’s leading manga publishers. No longer just for male readers, manga has become a fast growing trend among teenage and young adult females in North America. Sh?Žjo manga often depict plots set around love, family, responsibility and identity. The level of fantasy, artifice or artistic ambition involved in most sh?Žjo stories are endearing, and the universal appeal of these subjects has helped to drive the genre’s popularity. VIZ Media has been a leading proponent of sh?Žjo manga and the success of SHOJO BEAT magazine further affirms the company’s belief in the continuing viability and success of the trend.

Shojo Beat Anniversary Issue

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