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 Friday, December 14, 2018
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1/100 Vintage Zaku

» Features, Plastic Modeling (PLAMO) | posted by RAYTHEGREAT! on 04/2/2006 [Discuss]

MS-05 Zaku I
Designer/Modeler: Ray
Manufacture: Bandai
Scale: 1/100
Release date: 1982
Status: Finished on March 17, 2006


Skill Level: 9/10 - This model kit requires painting and gluing, because it’s an old model kit, they didn’t have the technology to make everything snap together.

Painting: 5/10 - For an old kit, it’s actually molded in color! but the quality of the plastic doesn’t look so good, so painting is required.
Quality: 2/10 - The Quality of this model is horrible, but it’s expected from an old kit.
Design: 2/10 - Lots of the parts are un-proportional.

Engineering: 1/10 - There is nothing special about the engineering of this model.

Overall: 2/10 - The model may have a bad rating, but it’s always fun to work on an old model once in awhile. They’re also cheap.


Background Information:  
The Zaku I is the original incarnation of the Zaku II, produced a few years before the start of the war. Now considered obsolete, it’s used only by non-combat units like the supply corps. One of these primitive Zakus is assigned to Lieutenant Gadem’s Papua-class supply ship, and the old veteran recklessly takes it into battle against the Gundam.
Source: Gundam Official


Head height: 17.5 meters

Base weight: 50.3 tons

Full weight: 65.0 tons

Generator: 899 kW

Thrusters: 40,700 kg

180  turn: 2.9 seconds

Sensor radius: 2900 meters


105mm Machine gun
280mm Bazooka (option)
Heat hawk (option)


Production Notes:

    It’s a funny story how I found this model. I was sitting at home on a Saturday Morning, working on my MG Rx-78 Ver 1.5 and all of the sudden, I get a phone call from my friend, he tells me he found some cheap vintage models at some store on 8ave (Brooklyn’s Chinatown). I got all excited and was like, “where!? which models!” he names them, but isn’t sure what they were, so he picks me up and drove over to the store. Once we got there, I saw the models in this wooden cart in street and the boxes were in the worse condition, it looks been through the worst rain and snow in the winter. But that didn’t stop me, I was drooling over the vintage models with ideas running through my mind. I quickly bought them all before anyone else bought them. “Wow Ray, looks like you saved those models, I bet no one bought but you, the store owner was probably saving it just for you. Maybe you should go ask them for a discount.” I asked them for a discount and I got one! I complained how the boxes were worn out and messed up etc.. LOL I wish I could’ve saved the boxes, but they were too dirty and worn out to keep.

    Once I got home, I totally forgot about my Rx-78 and went straight to work on the 1/100 Vintage Zaku. Took me 6 days to complete!


- The Box, If only the model looked like the box art.

- This is how it would look if I built it stock.


I haven’t got time to write an in-depth walkthrough on the production, but here are the pictures of the stages of development.



- I extended the Forearms and made Knee joints.


- Extended the legs, remade the skirts and extended the chests.


- Added armor to the legs.


- Added a shield, and puttied the parts.


- I raised the snout of the Zaku.


- Almost ready for painting.



- Base coat painted and weathering below.




Finished Pictures!


- The armaments


- The Zaku head and the shield holder.


- Added new boosters and bazooka rack.


- Remade the Heat hawk holder.


- Added new Knee joints


- The new redesigned Legs.


- The helmet can be removed to move the mono eye.


















Size comparison after modifications.









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