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 Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Edition 02: Voices of a Distant Star

» Articles, Features, The Watcher (Previews) | posted by Piro^kun on 02/28/2006 [Discuss]

When a mysterious alien force begins their annihilation of the human race, a young pilot feels called to join the resistance. But the danger of an interstellar battle is not Mikako’s greatest concern. For she has left behind the one young man she loves. And as Mikako flies further into deep space, her only way to connect with Noboru is by cell-phone text messages. While Mikako risks her life to save mankind, Noboru waits. At first days, then months, then years for each new message that will let him know whether Mikako is still alive. And while she barely grows older in the timelessness of space, Noboru ages. How can the love of two young people, torn apart by war, survive? To what distance would you go… for your one, true love? - U.S. Official Site - Japanese Official Site


Japanese Staff/Cast:
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Music: Tenmon
Noboru - Makoto Shinkai (Original Version)
Mikako - Mika Shinohara (Original Version)
Noboru - Chihiro Suzuki
Mikako - Sumi Mutoh

Release Information:
Date Available - June 10, 2003
Running time - 30 Minutes
Rating - 13+
Format - Hybrid
Media - DVD
Product Availability - Preorder - Not Yet Shipping
Publisher - ADV FILMS


Alpha: Welcome to another edition of The Watcher, this time we take an in-depth view of this hot up and coming title, Hoshi no Koe or otherwise known as Voices of a Distant Star to the American audience. What can be said of this title? I’m sure you know that it was done by one man already right? The guy named Makoto Shinkai? Yeah, I think you should familiarize yourself with this dude, his works really have this touch that reaches out to you, just like AT&T. Now I’ve seen this title, right off the bat I, of course was impressed with the quality of the animation. Who wouldn’t? It was done on a G4! The story is very emotional, in an interview with Newtype, Mr. Makoto said that life today is all about communication. And the only communication that really counts is from the heart. How meaningful is this already? Love separated by time, the further Mikako travels from Earth the longer her cell phone messages reach Noboru. I mean real long, imagine yourself waiting for a message from your lover for 8 years, can you? In any case, Voices of a Distant Star is definitely worth a check out. This is not your everyday love story, I find myself in a sad mood every time I watch this movie.

I first heard about Voices of a Distant Star from ADV’s acquisition of it and an advertisement in Newtype. After that, I asked around and found out that it was done by someone solely on a Macintosh. Even the voices were done by him and his wife. Then I heard there was a second version with professional voice actors. I saw a trailer for it and all I can say is… astounding. It took my breath away. Shows you what a dream and dedication can do huh. It’s definitely worth getting excited over.

I recently heard about an American release for this on I think that it’s just wonderful. I just got the original short film a bit ago and it took my breath away… it just looked amazing. The story is wonderfully romantic. Also… the fact that the computer used to make it is almost like the one I have is rather impressive, to say the least. I’m looking forward to this one.



Fourfour44: It sounds like a really interesting story concept and the fact that it was all animated by one person is pretty amazing.









stf: It was cool in the respect that it was all done by one guy but the show itself wasn’t all that entertaining.








Alpha: What do you think of this edition of The Watcher? Comments? Suggestions? Contact us in the forums!

Voices of a Distant Star Screen Caps:

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