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 Saturday, November 17, 2018
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» Company
Bandai Entertainment
» Running Time
150 minutes
» Genre
Action, Drama
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
» User Rating
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Cowboy Bebop Vol. 1

» written by Stikz [Discuss]

If you were an anime fan in 1999 or 2000 then you’ve had to have heard of Cowboy Bebop. To some, this is considered to be the best animated series ever….Who am I to argue. I have to admit though, the first time I saw the main character, Spike, I though he was pretty goofy looking. But after a few minutes of viewing he was the coolest character I’ve ever seen. Enough about that. On to the DVD. For $29.99 (or maybe less in some places) you get five crystal clear episodes. What a deal! The VHS tapes only had two episodes apiece at $24.99.

Session #1, ‘Asteroid Blues’, is a good introduction to Spike and his partner, Jet. They’re bounty hunters in the year 2071, where humans have moved to other planets and venture though space often. The ship they reside on is called Bebop. They deal with a drug called Red Eye. It’s pretty action packed and there’s a scene with a slow-mo effect that has to be seen to be believed.

Session #2, ‘Stray Dog Strut’, is a fun chase, after a dog!? What could they possibility want with a tiny little canine. It’s a much lighter story than the first but manages to how us how these characters interact with humorous stories and more serious tales.

Session #3, ‘Honky Tonk Women’, introduces us to ultra vixen, Faye Valentine. The only chick that can be cool and hot at the same time.

Session #4, ‘Gateway Shuffle’ We get more of Ms. Valentine and a family who’s value are…well, turning people into monkeys.

Session #5, ‘Ballard of Angels’ We meet Spikes rival, arch villain, Vicious. And that he is. But although he is Mr. Bad guy, he’s still soooo cool. As the conclusion of this disk, it couldn’t end better. All in all, the first disk is truly enjoyable viewing.

The Breakdown
If you haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop yet, what are you waiting for? It’s like taking a vacation…much needed.


» The Pros
Spike Spiegal is a cool dude. All the main charaters are some of the most unforgettable personalities in all of anime. The show has a wonderful retro jazzy kinda style to it.

» The Cons
Pacing and continuity could be improved.

» Animation
Smooth animation and high production.

» Sound
Retro grew on me. Opera and even a harmonica (remember those?)

» Story
Episode 1 and 5 are reason enough to watch this DVD. The rest of the stories are icing on the cake.

» Recommend
Cowboy Bebop should be in every anime fans collection! It's as simple as that.


» Other Information
Language: English and Japanese, English subtitles.

Animated Music video of the theme song,

A cool black background with red print graces the cover. The DVD itself is made to look like a record (You do know what those are...don't you?)



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