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 Monday, October 15, 2018
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» Company
The Right Stuf International
» Running Time
13 episodes
» Genre
Drama, Romance
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Boys Be…

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Let me give a quick summary as to what Boys Be is. Boys Be is a show where Boys date Girls. The whole show seems like a dating simulation game. (Ed. - Very popular in Japan, But still haven’t made a splash in the USA. Only release I can tink of is Thousand Arms for Playstation one.)

There are sad times and happy times in Boys Be. Kyoichi Kanzaki the main character and Nitta Chiharu (female main character) are friends since childhood. The 13 episodes of Boys Be show their relationship and friendship of a group of friends.
Of course, you won’t be just seeing this main character relationship; you’ll see others too. All are quite interesting ^_^.

The flaw in Boys Be is that it’s sometimes too similar to a dating simulation game. Almost the same as Tokimeki Memorial series of games.

The Breakdown
Boys Be is pretty realistic. It shows that the main character doesn’t always get the girls, but then a 360 degrees turn happens…


» The Pros

» The Cons

» Animation
OVA quality animation, but character's eyes are sometimes too separated from the nose. Which makes the characters look weird at times.

» Sound
Nothing to complain about, but because Boys Be had nothing special in the sounds department... It didn't receive a 10.

» Story
The dating and friendship genre can only go so far. Boys Be contains a few laughs here and there.

» Recommend
Fans who can't stand dating sims should leave Boys Be alone. Fans who can stand dating sims should check out Boys Be, but do know that you're in for some boring conversations in this Anime.


» Other Information
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