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 Friday, December 14, 2018
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Great Teacher Onizuka V.1

» Articles, Features, Manga | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 02/8/2006 [Discuss]

[GTO] Great Teacher Onizuka V.1 Manga Review ————————

By: Alpha

     Meet Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year old college karate champ and ex-biker. He’s crude, foul-mouthed, and has a hair-trigger temper. Just the sort of guy you’d expect to see going back to school … to become a teacher!

     GTO is one of the best manga / anime series that ever appeared on the face of the Earth.  The creator, Tohru Fujisawa, surprises the readers, with every page turned, using the technique called ‘Hiraki‘.  Hiraki is a technique that is known to manga writers, where a surprising scene appears after the readers turn the page.  This technique makes GTO; without knowing what happens next… and then something outrageous appears, that’s one of the best experiences I have with the GTO manga series. 



     Surprising and funny isn’t it?  Those pictures are provided by TokyoPOP.  Now that we know what GTO is made up of, let’s get to the real review ^_^.  In volume one, we are introduced to Onizuka, a former member of a biker gang.  Fujisawa-san gives an in depth introduction to Onizuka’s life, which sets the difference between the manga and the anime.  Also as the story progresses, you’ll notice some elements that didn’t make the cut to the anime.  Anyways, the main story in volume one summarizes Onizuka’s life and explains why he wants to be a teacher, although the story really begins in volume two, we get a glimpse of what is about to happen, then TokyoPOP leaves us hanging at the climax and the end of volume one :P.           


Recommend Value -

A+, as I’ve said earlier, GTO is one of the best manga / anime series that ever appeared on the face of the Earth.  With comedy, ecchi humor, and life values this piece of work contains.  It’s no wonder why Tohru Fujisawa named this work GREAT Teacher Onizuka and I’m sure a lot of readers and viewers agree too.


Closing Statement(s) -

To tell you the truth, manga reviews do not help much.  You must read through the panels and pages in order to be fully absorbed to the atmosphere in the world of GTO.  Sure, you can get some information from a review, but experiencing the “OUUs and AHHs,” of GTO is what really makes it such an enjoyable read. 

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