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 Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Submitting to Fan Service is NOT a Good Thing

» Articles, Features, Rant-ON | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 01/29/2006 [Discuss]


Submitting to Fan Service is NOT a Good Thing ——————————-

By: Alpha

Recently I was watching an anime series. It was a shounen / ecchi humor title. The series was good, although I would have liked a little more extension after the climax. Anyways it was an alright show. It was fun to watch. After the final episode was over, I went onto the OAV. This was when the disappointment started to rear its ugly head.

All of a sudden this show went from ecchi humor to hentai. The already established characters are now pornstars. What the hell? Why even bother making the TV series if everything was going to end with a hentai OAV? I mean, the difference between a hentai title and a normal title is that you find a way to connect with the characters of the normal title (although some of you will say otherwise). As for a hentai title, all you do is watch the action. It is 95% action and 5% story most of the time.

So then anyways, I continued watching, and when there is a normal respectable character who all of a sudden turns into Ron Jeremy; the expected reactions of the character are now out of whack. Here is an example: In the TV series the character I am speaking about was a wuss about girls, and doing the dirty with girls was just not in his repertoire. Now in the OAV, he is all macho about it? (O_o?).

Wow. Just freaken’ wow. It has finally come to my attention as to why most anime creators leave series as is, no matter the pressure from the fans. This experience of mine was just a bad case of when anime creators cared too much for the fans. If they wanted to make a sequel, just make it like it was, following the path of the original series. Do not go show a few sex scenes and call it an end. That is just stupid, brainless, crappy, dumb, and whatever synonym you want to throw at it.

Here is an outline as to why a normal series should not go hentai:

1) Established characters in the viewers’ minds, doing something uncharacteristic.

2) As much as you think you would like to see more from an ecchi humor title, believe me, you do not. It is that urge to want to see more that drives your interest!

3) No story, bad story, kills the story.

4) Fun (likable) characters are now crap characters.

5) Leave it to those doujinshi, save yourself (the creator’s) the embarrassment.

6) Closes out the possibility of a ‘real’ sequel. What will the series I am talking about do now? It had a very good chance of a second season with the ending of the first season. But now, the OAV made it a hentai and the characters already, got down and dirty. So I guess second season will have to be hentai as well, if it were to exist.

7) If we want hentai, we will go get a hentai title, no need to make this soft hybrid stuff.

These people have ruined my day. I started to really like the show too. And now I will always have this bad experience on the back of my mind while watching another ecchi humor. What is next? Love Hina, Ai Yori Aoshi, Vandread, Please Teacher or Mahoromatic in a hentai sequel? Oh God, please no.


Main Idea of this Rant?! - Why anime creators submitting to the fans’ is not always a good thing!


Closing Statement(s) - Well there you have it.  We as anime fans should know by now that, all good anime will always have bad endings.  This is not because the ending actually sucked, but because we feel attached to it, and we do not want to let go of the fun times that that particular anime has given us.  Hence, whatever ending we get, we never become satisfied.  Fans have to learn when to let go, and creators really have to know when to let go to avoid this disaster that I have experienced :(.

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