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 Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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A Tap With Ignorance

» Articles, Features, Rant-ON | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 01/29/2006 [Discuss]

Quote: ‘OMG! Anime Clubs DO breed F****TS! GOD!!!! THEY’RE ALL FUCKING F****TS! F****TS TO NO END!!!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!’

The quote is just too funny for me to pass up. I mean just look at how this person typed out his comment. What is with the caps? It does not take much energy to move your little pinky finger to tap the caps lock off, just so that you do not sound so stupid when you made this statement. I have to agree though. As a member of an anime club, there are quite a few people in which I despise; know-it-alls and Japanese wannabes. There are times where I want to potato sack them, just so they can keep their mouth to themselves (Just kidding).

Anyways, there is no denying that anime clubs are the best ways anime fans can get together and share a common interest. For those who are fortunate to be in a well established anime club is truly a remarkable accomplishment, due to the fact that the United States was and I emphasized on WAS dominated by American animation. Japanese animation is taking over!

One of my online buddies brought up a very controversial topic to the Animesou forums; American animation versus Japanese animation (Anime). He posted a link to another forum where a bunch of Batman or just American animation fans in general lurk. In that particular forum, the topic being discussed was ‘Batman’ the new series. Funny enough, they start comparing another show, ‘Teen Titans’ to this new Batman. Okay, so what if Teen Titans is aimed towards kids? After all it is called “TEEN Titans” and women and children are the number one targets for business right?

Let us start with the anime bashing, first comment up is from an anonymous person, who said, ‘…but let’s face it. The animation (anime) itself is incredibly cheap, unlike any Batman cartoon.’ Take a look at these picture comparisons.

compared to

Look at ‘any Batman cartoon’ and compare it to the any anime. Does not that make whoever said that statement look like a complete idiot? In another comment made by the same person goes like this, ‘… at least most American cartoons feature characters who look like they’re speaking the dialogue rather than just opening and closing their mouths rapidly, or any other of those cheap sequences. I understand really really old animation being like that but for today’s standard, heck, for the 80s’ standards, it’s just pathetic. I’d go bonkers seeing Batman done that way. And I think it’s safe to say he won’t be.’

Sigh… maybe if you would stop watching crappy dubs from broadcasted television you would see that the lip movement and the dialogue are in sync for anime in Japanese. What the heck is the problem with mouths not syncing anyways? If you want them to sync, go watch a live movie. And what is this about anime being cheap? How is it that when something with as much detail as it does in every cel or scene be cheaper than something that almost has no details in the background whatsoever? Here see for yourself, here are two examples of those ‘any other cheap sequences this person was commenting about.’

Ok, it is not fair to use Macross Zero as “cheap sequence” examples. Here is something that is fairer.

So look at the difference. Jackie Chan Adventures which is created way after Urusei Yatsura and still Urusei Yatsura has better quality than Jackie Chan Adventures. Hmm…

I am not writing this to put down American animation or put up Japanese animation, I am merely defending my hobby from the inane comments from ignorant people. I just want to point out that if a person does not watch something in its pure form, how can they possibly make any intellectual comment on it? In this case, that particular Batman fan.

Enough with my opinion, here is what Stikz had to say about this issue (Note: This was a reply post taken from the Animesou forums), ‘Their remarks had no weight to them. They seem to have only seen anime on broadcast TV and have associated it with cartoons for kids, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Batman is a good cartoon but its cheap dark color scheme and decent animation can’t compare to anime at all. And for them to say that the animation of Jackie Chan adventures beats the heck out of anime is just plain insane. I’d like to know what anime they were referring to. I love Jackie Chan adventures but the backgrounds are basically forgotten and the animation is focused on more because of it, but better than most anime, it is not.’

Are you getting my drift? Show me a modern day American animation that looks better than a modern day Japanese animation, please.

Main Idea of this Rant?! - My two cents about the change in times.

Closing Statement(s) - I know backing up something you love is the point of being a fan, but do not force it into anyone who clearly has a separate view from yours. Do not go bashing anime just because you are in favor of American animation, vice versa. Am I American animation bashing? Nope.

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