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 Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Random Thoughts Part. 1

» Articles, Features, Rant-ON | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 01/29/2006 [Discuss]


Random Thoughts Part. 1 ————————————-

By: Alpha

1) Old anime is better than new anime.

2) Smarty Jones lost the Belmont not because of his ability, but the jockey’s.

3) It is good that Manga was bought up. I have no idea what direction the previous minds of the company were heading.

4) This craze for Naruto has got to stop; it is getting annoying how everyone is recommending it when I cannot even buy it on DVD in the United States.

5) Hey did Inuyasha end yet? Last time I checked it was around eighty.

6) If only Saki was my personal Steel Angel *drools*.

7) Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life sucks. What happened to the festivals?

8) The whole Anime industry needs some shocking news; nothing reported lately has gotten my attention.

9) Cartoon enthusiasts who hate on Anime… **** you.

10) If ADV Films can pick up the rights to publish Newtype, why has not anyone pick up the rights to publish Animage?

11) Oh wow, Bible Black actually has an interesting story.

12) But the She-males has got to go.

13) Note to who ever is responsible for this. Just do not waste my time and show a hentai if the good stuff will be boxed up. It kills my eyes.

14) I love Chiyo-chan from Azumanga Daioh, one of the best comedies of this year.

15) I need to get some sun light, instead of staying in and watching anime all day.

16) Little twelve year olds are lethal these days, just the other day one of them wrote a hate mail to Max Kellerman and told him that he hoped that he caught SARS… And this was broadcasted over the country in his show I, Max.

17) Sigh… the car shop still has not finished fixing my car after three freaken weeks.  Now I have to get the other side fixed too.  I think I am going bankrupt soon.  Let us see, $600 for the F-150 the person was driving, $425 for fixing my car’s driver’s side and the bumper, with sand polishing and compounding.  And now $225 to fix the whole passenger side.  Yeah… I will never be able to get my performance modifications now.

18) Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien is predictable, but at the same time interesting, as the ending of episode one, latches on to you and will not let go.

19) Did you know that there is a fourth stage for Initial D?  It is about the team Redsuns leader created in the Third Stage and they go around racing other people.  Sounds cool.

20) A good ecchi humor to check out is none other than Steel Angel Kurumi!


Main Idea of this Rant?! - Random thoughts from me!


Closing Statement(s) - This well be a continuing feature, so look forward to part two.  :)

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