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 Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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» Company
Bandai Entertainment
» Running Time
30 mins
» Genre
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
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Panda-Z: The Robonimation: Vol. 1

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Go!! Panda-Z! Defender of Peace and Justice! Robnimal World is under attack from the Warunimal Empire. Now, wearing the scarf left to him by his father, Pan-Taron takes flight in Panda-Z, the undefeatable robot built by his grandfather. So no matter how strong the enemy, the forces of good will always prevail!

Panda-Z is an anime in that after finishing the volume it leaves your mouth wide open asking yourself, “What the ___ was that all about?” This compilation of kiddy type episodes speed by quickly. It is probably the fastest thirty minutes I have ever experienced. There are no voices in Panda-Z; only captions. While some might argue that having no voices is a negative. But I find it more enjoyable. Now I can imagine the robonimals’ voices through the captions. It leaves room for the viewer to take the show into their control… sort of.

The animation quality is very crisp. There are not many details, but it was not necessary. The robonimals were all pretty cute. I am not sure if I want to classify this show as a kids’ show, because of some of the materials that were displayed. But I believe that these five or so minutes episodes will only appeal to viewers who have a soft side; those who like characters like, Hello Kitty or Doraemon.

There really are not much to say about an anime that is short and silent, other than in the episodes that are in volume one, we get to see quite a few whacky things. I personally liked the “Table Manners” episode and the “A Quiet Duel” episode. They were both very amusing.

The Breakdown
Panda-Z is cute, but its appeal is limited to those who are either: collectors who want to collect the figure, or viewers who love Sanrio kind of things.


» The Pros
Having no voices, gives you the chance to take control. You can either make it a beat down Kung Fu flick with your imagination or you can just make it a normal kiddy show. Whatever you do, Pan-Taron and crew will try to make your experience enjoyable.

» The Cons
Being short and silent really limits what I can write in a review. ;)

» Animation
As written in the review, the animation was very crisp. It gave off the impression that I was watching something in HD rather than normal tube TV. By the way, I have an old tube TV so yeah. :/

» Sound
I did not like the opening theme at all. After going through it once, I never wanted to run into it again. As for the sound effects and stuff, I cannot find a reason to complain about them so they are on the right track.

» Story
Panda-Z is a compilation of short episodes that are not connected to each other, hence making it detailed to one subject matter during an episode.

» Recommend
Approximately $15 ($20 with figure) for a five, 6-minutes episodes anime DVD. Can you say that it is really worth it? I certain cannot lie to you about it. I mean if you are buying it for a baby cousin or brother/sister etc., then this is a title for you. Other than that, pass on.


» Other Information
Language: Japanese Dialogue With English Subtitles

Panda-Z Action Figure, Bonus 3-D Animation Clip, Clean Opening Animation, and Previews.

A very unique design. The figure sticks out of the box to catch your attention. And some of us, might buy this, just because of the figure :P.



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