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 Thursday, July 19, 2018
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710 min.
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Action, Children
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TV Series
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Yugioh: Duel Monsters (Egyptian Memory Arc)

» written by hinatasou [Discuss]

In Yugi’s hands are all the keys necessary to retrieving the Pharaoh’s lost memory - the seven millennium items and the three Egyptian God cards. However, little does Yugi know that also sealed away is an ancient evil bent on destroying the world. Yugi and his friends must do battle once again in the ultimate shadow game.

This review is for the final season of the Duel Monsters saga starring Yugi, episodes 199-224. The anime premiered in Japan on April 7, 2004 and we are only just now getting around to it in America. The dueling is a bit different in ancient Egypt in comparison to the official card game rulings. A person’s spiritual energy is called one’s ‘Ba’. A person with a strong enough Ba can create a ‘Ka’, which is a duel monster that can act according to the user’s will. Some people have good Ka while others have bad Ka. Summoning a Ka is tied to the user’s life force. Thus, if a Ka is destroyed, the user takes damage and is weakened. Ka can be instantly summoned without the need of sacrificing monsters, similar to Duelist Kingdom’s no sacrifice prerequisite. In the manga, I don’t remember the Egyptians having duel disks attached to the sides of their left arm. This must have been an addition to the anime.

The Breakdown
Fingers crossed that 4Kids still calls Bakura’s monster Diabound.


» The Pros
Many questions in the Yugioh series finally get answered in the Memory Arc. Who is the Black Magician and what are his ties to Yugi? Who is the Blue Eyes White Dragon? It is ironic how in my little cousin's Yugioh coloring book it describes the BEWD as a she. Where did the Black Magician Girl come from? Who is Bakura? What was life like for Pharaoh Yugi growing up? What is the Pharaoh's real name? Who were the original owners of the millennium items? How did the millennium items come to be in the first place? Why is it that all the Egyptians speak Japanese fluently? Just kidding on the last one. Hey, that's anime for you ^_^

» The Cons
One thing has been bugging me. What actually happened in ancient Egypt? Kaiba mentioned that the events that unfolded were not exactly as he remembered them. If you recall the vision Kaiba had against Isis during Battle City, Priest Seto was on his knees before a BEWD tablet holding the body of Kisara. What is this I heard about Seto raping Kisara? In addition, in the Osiris and Obelisk duel in Battle City, there was a vision of Priest Seto and his followers leading a rebellion against the Pharaoh. That coup never took place in the memory arc although a possessed Priest Seto dueled Pharaoh Yugi. I guess that's history.

» Animation
The EN animation contrasts Bakura, Yugi, and the Black Magician past and present. Got to love the gold robes worn by the priests. Exodia rocks! During the Ceremonial Duel all the characters from the anime are shown - Vivian eating noodles then dueling alongside Mai on the Great Wall of China, Serenity, Pegasus, Varon, Raphael, Otogi (Duke), and Rebecca.

» Sound
Mana saying Ouuji (addressing the Pharaoh) is so cute! Arguably the best Yugioh OP theme Overlap by Kimeru. Some of the background music is the same as in the Doma Arc. They recycled track 12 of Sound Duel 3, The Fang of Critias, from Doma for any tense dueling moment. There are some original scores to reflect the antiquity.

» Story
There are a number of differences in the anime version of the memory arc compared to the manga. First off is the duel between Bakura and Kaiba, which did not occur in the manga. Nor was Kaiba even present in the memory world in the manga. Mana is given much more spotlight in the anime. In the anime, the stone tablet was returned to Egypt by Isis. In the manga, it remained in the museum. Both highlight Bakura as the main villain of the series ever since Duelist Kingdom, and Shadi plays a more active role. The series culminates in the Ceremonial Duel between little Yugi and Pharaoh Yugi. Little Yugi uses an original deck with level growth monsters. There is symbolic meaning to the cards that are played that the dead should no longer linger. Even though this is the finale to the Pharaoh's journey, Konami just couldn't let this money earning series finish. Already there's a sequel anime series called Yugioh GX. The manga is continuing with an alternate storyline after Battle City entitled Yugioh-R.

» Recommend
Duel Box set 4 comes with episodes 197-224 and is priced at for a hefty 28,350 ? ($250). This is the official Japanese release, not some cheap Hong Kong bootleg and unedited by the hands of 4Kids. For true Yugioh fans that have stuck with it since the beginning.


» Other Information
Language: Japanese

40-page booklet, 8 postcards. Bonus disc includes TV commercials and textless intro and outro.

Bottom right little Yugi, left Yami Yugi, top Pharaoh Yugi



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