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 Saturday, November 17, 2018
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» Cover

» Company
Geneon Animation
» Running Time
300 Minutes (12 Episodes)
» Genre
Drama, Comedy
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
» User Rating
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» written by Animesou [Discuss]

Popotan is about a trio of sisters, Ai, Mai and Mii, who travel through time and space in search of the reason of their existence by following clues left only by the words of the Popotan (flowers) they encounter on their journey.

Popotan starts out seeming like little more than an average anime. It has a bunch of girls with mysterious powers, each of whom fulfill a role that has been seen a million times before. There is the older sister who acts like the kind mother, the middle sister who is of course the emotional teenager and the youngest sister who is cute, happy and energetic. Despite these cliches, by the end-through surprisingly deep character development that is slowly and with subtlety revealed over the twelve episodes-the story comes through in a way that is powerfully emotional and rewarding. The viewer becomes completely attached to the characters.

The Breakdown
Popotan succeeds in being an emotional and enjoyable drama.


» The Pros
Touching Story Beautiful Music and Animation Talented Voice Actors

» The Cons
As with any great anime of this length, it felt like the ending came too soon.

» Animation
The characters themselves are all attractive and beautifully animated. In fact, for a TV series the animation is of incredibly quality.

» Sound
The voice actors are also very talented, all fitting their respective characters perfectly. Also the music was skillfully composed and did a wonderful job of giving the entire anime a strong feeling of enchantment. There was a great deal of recycling of the music however.

» Story
The story and characters are great in Popotan.

» Recommend
It has a few comedic moments and even a bit of action, but for the most part this anime is aimed towards fans of drama. Nearly everyone should enjoy this (16+).


» Other Information
Language: English or Japanese with English Subtitles

Hidden Easter Eggs, Full Color Art Gallery, Non-credit Ending Animation, TV Commercial Spots, Dual-Sided Covers

The image above is from the 1st DVD. Ai is on the cover... here's a fun fact: You get to see Ai's breasts no less than 78 times throughout the series! Not only that, there are only two episodes in which she manages to keep her clothes on!



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