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 Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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» Cover

» Company
ADV Films
» Running Time
100 mins
» Genre
Drama, Comedy
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
» User Rating
No user votes yet.

Maburaho Vol. 1: Bewitched and Bewildered

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

High school student Kazuki Shikimori comes from a line of powerful magicians with extraordinary DNA and he attends the most prestigious school for wizards in all of Japan. It would seem that life is good for Kazuki. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s not the most smooth when it comes to the ladies, his grades are poor, his athletic skill is next to none, and to top it all off, he can only use his magic eight times before he turns into dust! However, three magical hotties have learned of his genetic secret and are all after him! Suddenly he has become the most “popular” kid in class. Are all these girls out to romance him, or are they only after his DNA?

Kazuki Shikimori, an average high school kid with a not so average magical ability for Aoi Academy’s standards, is suddenly is approached by three hottest babes of the entire school. What can the biggest loser do, now that he is the biggest winner? Heck what can he do other than to dodge and hide? Anyways, this comedy has got to be one of the all time greats. From the start I liked the character interactions, the fluid animation and the music that this series boasts. The thing that was not so up to par was the English dub… it is just horrible how character names are pronounced, it seems so strange. It is enough to drive my head to the wall every time someone says a name. Other than that, the dub actually was good. I am no expert on dub since I usually do not watch anime with that feature, but I believe anyone would probably agree with me on that one :P.

The story commences with the girls all wanting Kazuki’s genes, so that their own family’s bloodline will become stronger with the child that will result. But Yuna on the other hand, has another motif, other than his genes. Kazuki and Yuna first met when they were children, during that meeting she made a promise to him that she will be her bride when the right time comes. And lucky her, when her family told her to go get Kazuki’s genes, she finds out that he was the boy that she had met and now for her, it is not about the genes, but rather the love for him.

I love shows like this. It gives me this weird sense of emotion that I cannot explain. Maybe I am just happy that I get to watch things like this (^_^). I have probably viewed Maburaho twenty to thirty times already since getting it in the mail from ADV Films. It is truly an amazing title that comedy goers should definitely look out for. Ecchi humor fans would also be grateful of Maburaho. And I know this might sound absurd to some of you, but I truly believe that this series definitely has the potential to top titles, such as, Ai Yori Aoshi and Love Hina, if it has not already in my heart.

The Breakdown
Maburaho is a series, such that, it brings a special warmth into your heart, a smile onto your face and a delightful experience for you to reminisce. All in all, you will fall in love.


» The Pros
The characters, the story, the music, the comedy and the animation. All these features bring the magical world of Maburaho into your living room and gives you your money’s worth.

» The Cons
The English dub is not the best sounding in the world, but it gets by fine; as long as names are not being called out :).

» Animation
Top notch animation, great character designs. It is magical, indeed.

» Sound
The music was good, and I know you have probably read enough of it, the English dub was horrible. But I reserved an 8 rating for sound for the Japanese dialogue that was not included in the screener.

» Story
Awesome story so far. Speedy character introductions and development just makes room for more great things to happen in the future.

» Recommend
If you are an anime fan, and do not take a serious look at Maburaho, shame on you!


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

“The Magic Times” Insert, Clean Opening and Closing Animation, The Art of Maburaho, Translator’s Comments, Original Japanese Promos, and Previews.

Kuriko is on the cover!



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