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 Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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» Company
Geneon Animation
» Running Time
300 mins
» Genre
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
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Someday’s Dreamers

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

Yume is a 15-year old girl from the contryside of Japan. The only thing unusual about this ordinary girl is her ability to use magic! This summer, Yume reached the age required by the government to begin an apprenticeship to harness her natural talents and become a licensed wizard. Yume’s first time away from home and she travels to the big city of Tokyo and finds herself living above a night club in the same apartment as her mentor, the handsome but mysterious Wizard Oyamada. Yume has so much to learn!

Someday’s Dreamers is a show that is literally dream like. It is wonderful in the way it is made up. I loved the flow of everything. The voice of Yume is one of the top voices that I have heard from any seiyuu; it is most definitely a voice that I can identify if she ever worked on something else. Kikuchi Yume is a mage in training. Her mother was a certified mage, and she sends her into the city to train for her license. Being a country side girl that she is, Yume is overwhelmed with the sight of the city side of Japan. After several scenes, she finally makes it to Pachanga, a bar at night and a mage office in the morning. This show has always attracted my attention with its beautiful DVD cover arts. The title also has a good ring to it that like magic, it sticks to your head. Geneon Entertainment did a great job in bringing Someday’s Dreamers to the States. The show is just phenomenal.

So what exactly makes Someday’s Dreamers phenomenal? Well to start it off as stated above, the attractive arts. It is dream like and distinctive from others; therefore it stands out. Secondly, while the story of a girl who wants to train as a mage does not excite everyone, it will command your respect as you watch it. There are morals in this story that are deep, but at the same time comprehendible. Thirdly, the animation, sounds and characters are all top notch. Only a character with the qualities of Yume can run this show, any other character would have had a different effect. The sounds of this piece all add to the enjoyment factor of the show. This is what I would dub, a work of art, but of course, any anime is ‘a work of art,’ but to be a work of art in my terms, is something on a bit of a different plateau, if you ask me. I am a very picky person in life, not that it matters to you, or maybe it does :). And while I do watch a large amount of anime routinely, I rarely dub anything as a masterpiece or a work of art, unless it deserves it. There are only one or two titles in my mind that I know I have dubbed that title, and considering the amount of anime that I have reviewed since the beginning of, you know I am not joking when it comes to greatness.

In Someday’s Dreamers you are put into various situations where you ponder if you should do what your mind tells you, or what your job tells you. Yume, being the good natured girl that she is, conflicts with the two states of minds. While she knows it is her job as a mage to do whatever is requested from the people that go through the process of requesting a mage, she also wants to be able to please everyone at the same time. Her battles between herself represent what people do in actual life. When you have to select between two things, either one you select, the other one would end up being sacrificed. Hence, accepting and trusting the decisions that you make is the core value of this show. While not everything you choose will have a happy ending for people involved in the decision, as long as you are behind yourself with the decision making that is all that matters in the end.

The Breakdown
With a great cast of characters, a storyline to remember, the animation so amazing and the sounds so phenomenal, Someday’s Dreamers is a sure hit that you should recognize.


» The Pros
Characters, animation, interest inducing plot and just a thing about it that attracts the viewers' eyes. Yume makes this anime a joy and a privilege to watch. I just love it!

» The Cons
There really is nothing to complain about.

» Animation
Amazing animation, lucid and fluid along with the mix of CG scenes, which makes it even better.

» Sound
The voice actors/actresses did an admirable job, I felt as if I was at the scene of the anime.

» Story
I just never wanted to stop watching, because of the fact that I was addicted to the storyline. Someday's Dreamers is truly a work of art that you should most definitely check out.

» Recommend
With the qualities that Someday's Dreamers has why are you still sitting and not strolling?


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Creditless Opening and Ending, Music Video featuring THE INDIGO, Animated Interactive Menus, Conceptual Art Gallery, and Tokyo Photo Session.

These dream like DVD covers are very attractive. It certainly attracted me enough to purchase the whole series.



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