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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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» Running Time
77 mins
» Genre
Action, Adventure
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Blue Remains

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

In a world laid waste by nuclear war, alone at the bottom of the ocean, fourteen year-old Amamiku holds the key to the planet’s salvation; special seeds that are able to restore the Earth back to its natural glory. But in her efforts to plant the seeds, she unleashes the wrath of the muderous Glyptofane, a primal being determined to wipe out the remnants of the human race.

Blue Remains commenced with a played out plot. It was the typical, “humans going to war against each other and finally destroys the natural habitat for all living organisms.” The land is inhabitable, but the ocean was not affected as much, hence to the ocean blue we go with this show!

Blue Remains was not catchy for a quarter of its run time, but as the show progressed the animation and action grabs a hold of you. You become drawn in and will start to appreciate it more. The voice acting needs some work as Amamiku’s voice actress sounds horrible and non-compatible with the character at times. The mouth movements is noticibly not in sync with the voice, but that is just a small problem to deal with.

The largest problem Blue Remain has, was probably the lack of budget. Some scenes are ridiculously simple, such as, using less details for the environment by making it dark enough so that you cannot make out the details and spotlighting one of the three brain characters every time they spoke. An annoying sound also plays with the spotlight, so it was like playing a game of “guess who is talking.” When a “bling” sound plays, you go looking to see which brain is lit up. Even though the animation is not the highest quality possible, it works, and that is the most important part that needs to be considered.

The Breakdown
ArtsMagicDVD keeps releasing titles that are better than the other. At this rate, I am certain that they will have another title to top Blue Remains… I think they have already :) (The Bird People in China).


» The Pros
A great story towards the mid point and on. The animation was not the best in the world, but it blends very well with the action, hence creating a good all around show.

» The Cons
Voice acting can be horrible at times and some names are just so strange… Glyptofane Sex. :)

» Animation
It is detailed when it wants to be. The best part about Blue Remains is that you hardly pay any attention to the animation.

» Sound
Aside from the bad voices, everything else was quite well.

» Story
Not the most original story you would see, but it strives to give the viewers an interest.

» Recommend
Take Blue Remains as a vacation from all the anime you have seen. It would be a nice experience to have.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Exclusive Interview with Director, Trailers, and Bios / Filmographies.

The cover art I have displayed is different from the one I received from the screener. I have to say that the one I own is definitely way better than the image you see above.



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