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 Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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4Kids Entertainment
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90 min
» Genre
Action, Children
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Yugioh - The Movie

» written by hinatasou [Discuss]

Yugioh! Duel Monsters is the story of a boy named Yugi, who was destined to solve the mystery behind the millennium puzzle. Within this ancient artifact is the soul of a Pharaoh, whose name has been forgotten in history. The days of Battle City are gone, but the presence of the Egyptian god cards can still be felt. Old rivals, Yugi and Kaiba, even Pegasus, must once again face one other putting the title of the King of Game at stake. However, is someone else simply manipulating them? Anubis, the evil god of the dead, who was once defeated in battle by the Pharaoh, now yearns to take Yugi’s life…

Not to be mistaken for the 30 minute first season’s Red Eyes Black Dragon Movie, Yugioh the Movie is a cooperative project by 4Kids USA and Japan developed specifically for western audiences. It is its own complete story arc between the events of Battle City and the upcoming Doma arc. It is stated that Anubis is the scariest villain ever seen because he is not human (Pecoriello). However, Anubis is a pushover. His dueling skills are sub-par in comparison to Marik and Bakura. If you want scary, try taking on an immortal like Dartz who is more wicked than Yami Marik.

The movie’s website can be found at There you can find wallpapers, music, character and story information.

Please note that this review is not done by Ebert & Roper but by me hinatasou. I am age 20, nowhere near the targeted age for the audience. More importantly, I have watched all of the Japanese episodes beforehand and carry a bias towards the English dub.

The Breakdown
Take home message…umm…Remember, it’s OSIRIS not slifer the sky dragon.


» The Pros
Since it is a joint project with its developers in Japan, the movie gets away with more than what is shown on KidsWB (otherwise Japan would in no way endorse the movie or agree to work on it). The movie is rated PG-13, NOT Y-7 and certainly NOT G like Pokemon, as it should be for a dark series. I was happy to watch Angel Injection Lilly unedited with the needle glaring towards its target which happened to be Joey, not how the US covered it up during Noah's arc with a red tube at the end making it look more like a toy missile. Also, the way Joey and Honda (Tristan) trash the mummies could not have been shown on the television networks. They would have edited it similar to how Honda kneed one of Marik's goons or how Otogi (Duke) threw his dice at Marik's henchmen face (both not shown in US). The story goes as far as to address the fanatics after Yugi's title. Now that he's the best, they dared to ambush him at the high school grounds. They duel Joey instead who creams them all. You do get a chance to witness how amazingly short Yugi is ^_^ (theater laughs of him hopping up and down).

» The Cons
You can't follow the battles well since they don't always show the attack values of the monsters. In the duel between Kaiba and Yugi at the dome (looks like a model for the KC Grand Prix event), Kaiba uses a trap card that forbids playing the god cards. Are not the god cards immune to traps? Is Konami going to allow the three god cards in tournaments now? Not likely especially from looking at the Japanese restricted list (no Raigeki, no Mirror Force). In addition, the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Crush Card Virus have yet to be released in the US. There is a new alternate crush card that Kaiba uses that is continuous and affects the next 10 cards. Konami is probably going to release that card first instead of the Crush Card (they eliminated the Crush Card from the GBA World Tournament 2004 game). There is also a new Black Magician Valkyrie card. As I mentioned in my other review, where does he get all his new cards, they appear out of thin air. I had a chat with a humble friend on mIRC #Yugioh! who told me that well his Grandpa owns a card shop so what do you expect. He can order all the latest packs. I responded that at least have a Happy Birthday Yugi episode where he is shown unwrapping the packages of cards. There are two other new cards, the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, which appears more powerful than the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and Yugi's new Sorcerer of Black Magic that draws power from all the magicians in his graveyard. I thought Yugi's Celtic Guardian can't be destroyed from monsters with a high enough attack power (Noah's arc). Kaiba's summoning the Knight of White Dragon is a Doma reference. In the Doma arc, Knight of Black Dragon is summoned by Joey. Wait, where is Joey's Red Eyes Black Dragon card and why does he not summon it in the movie? He got it back after Battle City. Anubis could not control Kaiba's ego. No I'll finish Yugi off with his own god cards! Ha ha ha! Unfortunately if you go by the original Japanese storyline (a complaint by nearly every Yugioh fan), Kaiba is not that evil as the jerk portrayed in the English dub.

» Animation
Movie quality animation. However, I did catch Kaiba talking through his teeth without his lips or mouth moving (How did that mistake pass through their quality control?). Mokuba looks like some sort of Sonic the Hedgehog character. Pegasus is handsome =) Since when does Kaiba wear a helmet in his Blue Eyes jet? I wonder if they are going to add that in the Doma arc? You heard of Yugioh's anti-drug campaign. Now we have a Yugioh play it safe campaign. Kids, don't fly without a helmet on! Might be more practical to bicycle riding. There is a mandatory helmet law in the state of California until the age of 18. Yet, I see kids break it all the time, even carrying the helmets beside them on the handlebars. My solution is for the police to ticket every last one of them bringing in revenues during this time of budget crisis. Sorry, personal rant. Mai makes a cameo, as do Rex and Weevil. I thought it was funny how Anzu (Tea) was surrounded by a bright, holy aura. She's not an angel, more like possessed when she jumped the helicopter LOL.

» Sound
You can sample every song of the official soundtrack at the movie's website. They are all in English, no Japanese music. Still no comparison to the Japanese opening theme Warriors and Overlap and the Doma background songs (I would be disappointed if they removed these from the dub version, the music is what added a flair to the Doma arc). When Kaiba flew off in his Blue Eyes White Dragon plane, it reminded me of a Megaman theme. Anubis actually mumbles in Egyptian, not like Marik's silly dub rhyme to unleash Ra's power (in the Japanese Marik chanted).

» Story
(Sorry, it's long and detailed) - It first begins with a computer simulation of Kaiba with the famous combo of the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Megamorph (some call that cheating in the GBA Yugioh games using it with Devil Franklin/Cyber Stein). Yugi counters with Obelisk's soul energy max to elevate Obelisk's attack to infinity. People say that Obelisk is the only god card that can be played as an actual monster at a tournament. I argued that you couldn't play him as a normal monster because of this ability. In Battle City, Yugi sacrificed Marik's God Slime to perform soul energy max. Anyways, Kaiba goes to Pegasus's villa in search of a card stronger than the god cards. Pegasus's deck composes of Toon Gemini Elf (I didn't know there was a Toon version, they are great normally, a low level monster with high attack) and Toon Black Magician Girl (first appearance in Doma arc). What puzzles me is how he summons Toon Blue Eyes White Dragon and Toon Summon Skull without sacrifices? Second, Pegasus should not have been that easily defeated by Kaiba. Even Kaiba admits Pegasus's skill in the Doma arc. It is apparent how smart Pegasus is researching the pyramid of light, and in Doma speculating about a rich organization that has been guiding history like Soldats (Noir). One of the problems the writers have is to edit the storyline to fit with Doma since this is the transition between Battle City and Doma (excluding Yugioh R), much like how the Digimon movie was. I wonder how much Doma will change seeing how Kaiba essentially won the rematch. There is no need for him to fight Pegasus again in the Doma arc. The movie tries to tie in Duelist Kingdom by mentioning the smiley face drawn in ink on their hands from episode 1, a symbol of their friendship. It is fascinating how quickly the other Yugi ignores this in his battle with Raphael in Doma, leading to his downfall. The summoning of real monsters at the end is also a patronage to Doma. I thought there was a picture of the serpent dragon Dartz uses in Anubis's speech about future events.

» Recommend
#1 movie this summer for children. If you are not under the age of 12, then you must be an anime fan, specifically a Yugioh fan having watched from the beginnings of Duelist Kingdom through Battle City. I know of some people who bragged about buying tickets and walking out with the cards, true Yugioh tournament players right there.


» Other Information
Language: English

With every ticket purchased you get the chance of obtaining one of four cards: Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, Watapon, and the Pyramid of Light. They want you to watch the movie 4 times to collect them all. That is unless you happen to own the theater, work there, have connections, or go as a group with all your little cousins increasing your chances of getting a different card each time.

Yugi, center, to his left Kaiba, right the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon which looks more like one of the legendary Pokemon cards. Above Yugi is the buff Anubis and his monsters. Behind Yugi is a new stone tablet of the three god cards.



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