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 Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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» Company
ADV Films
» Running Time
30 min.
» Genre
Action, Sci-Fi
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
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E’s Otherwise

» written by hinatasou [Discuss]

Kai Kudo has been recently stationed at AESES, an independent facility of the Ashurum military. He recalls nothing of his past memory only that after his mother died, it was Ashurum hat adopted him and his sickly sister named Hikaru. As an Esper, he possesses powers that ordinary humans would only envy and fear. Outside of Ashurum, siblings like Kai and Hikaru would regularly be killed and never have the chance to experience fun and joy. That is why AESES was created, to harness the abilities of Espers to help people and save other Espers. At least that was what Kai was told…

E’s Otherwise is a 26 episode series based on a popular comic series featured in G Fantasy Monthly. It is directed by Shimoda Masami (Ai Yori Aoshi, Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi) and scripted by Chiba Katsuhiko (Rune Soldier, Stellvia). E’s Otherwise is the japanese X-Men series; instead of mutants they are called Espers. Unlike the X-Men that are limited to a single mutant power, Espers have greater variety in that they can teleport, launch fireballs, and levitate. An esper’s powers are more psychic and telekinetic. Unfortunately their powers are not limitless like the X-Men. As explained in episode 4, when both psy-energy and physical strength are low and if an Esper forcibly invokes their powers, their stamina will be used to replenish their powers diminishing their life.

The Breakdown
E’s Otherwise starts off better than it finishes, similar to Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040.


» The Pros
The series has potential. In Episode 7, the Purple Mask superhero is reminiscent of Nadesico and its obsession with Genkiganger. Yuki opening his own ramen house is a classic. It's funny when in episode 18 Shinlu blasts Kai while singing. Shenlong is my favorite character in the series, maintaining his attitude. The brother and sister pair, Shinlu and Shenlong, has Chinese names and attire. He does his own side investigation while Kai is in Gald about the treatment of Ashurum's Espers. He took Shinlu for granted in the beginning probably because he was jealous of her crush on Kai. Hopefully in the last episode Shenlong is able to change Shinlu back to the sister he once knew before.

» The Cons
E's Otherwise was one of the first fansubbed spring 2003 shows and had high expectations. As it went on, many fans lost interest due to the immense amount of filler episodes while Kai was staying in Gald. It was too much trouble to download the newest episodes if the story didn't seem to go anywhere. Various fansub groups dropped it, and others took it up only to finish the last concluding episodes. Hopefully the manga does better. The Sacrament of Calvario that Yuki was stated in episode 2 to be the only person who can find it is a lie. Eiji using the resources of Ashurum constructs it with the key being Hikaru. The manuscript came from Maria's grandfather.

» Animation
The cutting from one shot of Yuki with his gun aimed to a close up of his forehead is awful in the intro. The angelic effect in the opening, the body position and the outspreading wings, is too generic and has been done before (RahXephon). What was the bottle of blood for and why was Kai bandaged up? Just something to look cool? The only time Kai remotely comes close to kissing Asuka is in last few frames of the ending sequence. The coats worn by the Ashurum's Espers make them look like mafia men or Hitler's Gestapo. Asuka is always dressed in a Santa's helper outfit. The exterior of the Ashurum aircraft Adora is a replica of the X-wing. The private detective Leonid reminds me of Dryden from Escaflowne.

» Sound
Yuki is the only recognizable returning Seiyuu, voice talent, performed by Matsumoto Yasunori (Gouury Gabriev - Slayers). An anime newcomer, Tai Yuuki, who does Kai Kudo, already is making his presence known (Asakura Junnichi - Da Capo). Asuka voiced by Kobayashi Sanae also plays as Sara in the latest Macross series, Macross Zero. The opening Jouhou is excellent, and ending theme Tonight Midnight rockish. The music Kai listens to is classical, Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6 Pathetique. He drops that pastime later on in the series.

» Story
The last episode just doesn't wrap everything up. Eiji must be alive somewhere. Kai is left wandering around in a barren wasteland. Sherry, the purple haired friend of Shinlu, and her wig totally came out of nowhere. And why is it that girls can't cook in anime? I like Yuki's explanation - Asuka's inability to cook is beyond the idea of cooking. If she even tries to step into the kitchen, weird things happen as if the magnetic fields are going crazy. She is like Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin), a number of the Nadesico women, and the samurai girl, Rin-chan, in the new anime series Maburaho.

» Recommend
The best DVD set available, not the one shown, contains the first four episodes


» Other Information
Language: Japanese with optional English or Chinese subtitling


The protagonist of the series, Kai Kudo with checkered background



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