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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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» Company
ADV Films
» Running Time
30 min.
» Genre
Fantasy, Comedy
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Slayers Premium

» written by hinatasou [Discuss]

Anata wa Takogo, sung by Ruma (Shiratori Yuri), explains it all: ‘Teach me about your love. I don’t understand tete chichi kaka popo. As you eat the octopus, you’ll lose it. Your words can’t reach me.’ It is spoken of in legend that a demon cursed the humans that ate the octopi. What’s more, the demon bestowed upon the octopi a strong guardian. To prevent its release, heroes sealed the guardian in a shrine deep beneath the ocean. Now an evil sorcerer has broken the seal and all hell breaks lose.

The final Slayers release to date, Slayers Premium, movie number five for those of you counting, hit the theaters of Japan in July 2001. What makes Premium exceptional is that it features the characters from the TV series - Gouury, Zelgadis, Amelia, and Xellos. The timeline of the movie is a side quest set in between Slayers Next and Slayers Try; Gouury is still equipped with the sword of light and Lina wears Xellos’s blood talismans. Nahga, the white serpent, finally catches up with Lina but only gets a few seconds of fame in the movie. No appearances by Sylphiel, Filia, or Prince Phil though. Following the trend in all the movies is a new female lead character named Ruma, a white mage.

The Breakdown
Not the usual Lina and Nahga combination. The top characters of the TV series make their return with same humor, excitement, and fun as Slayers Next.


» The Pros
Slayers Premium playfully touches upon the steady yet tender relationship between Gouury and Lina from the TV series. The first line is totally opposite of what you expect. It is hilarious to see Gouury mumble I Love You in Takogo and watch Lina blush and try to shrug it off. Also nice to see Zelgadis and Amelia traveling together then at the end Zelgadis concerned for where Amelia went by herself.

» The Cons
Amelia and Zelgadis play limited roles in the movie. Amelia I can understand due to her fear of slimy creatures, but Zelgadis even without his magic has an ample amount of swordsmanship skills and really shouldn't have been so easily defeated by Tako's giant minions. Lina's fireball spell was never that small in the TV series.

» Animation
Attractive visual setting from the depths of the water peering toward the sunlight. CG cel shading. They absolutely capture Zelgadis's golem facial appearance. Gouury does a Matrix sort of thing dodging the spinning octopi as if they were limbo bars as the screen rotates around him. However, the characters' arms do look a tad on the skinny side and their overall appearance is youthful.

» Sound
Good but nothing ground breaking and spectacular as Give a Reason and Midnight Blue. Customary trumpet movie theme as the opening title is displayed. I think they recycled the guardian's voice from the fourth movie, Slayers Gorgeous.

» Story
The story very well could have been an episode in the TV series. It follows the standard Slayers formula - first a thorough Lina investigation about the curse, fight a twisted villain who gives some tremendous speech about the injustices inflicted on his clan, and finally destroy the big guardian monster with a Dragon Slave. As Lina and Zelgadis point out, the ending is rushed but as long as everyone is happy I suppose one can't complain. Premium is not without its gags, for example, when Ruma comments about an evil aura radiating out of Lina, and when Ruma's master arrive only to see the characters fall down on the floor anime style twice in a row. Laugh out load funny every step of the way.

» Recommend
A fast paced adventure. Non-fans of the series might be lost at why the ensemble of characters. Any fan of the TV series will walk away liking the movie.


» Other Information
Language: English or Japanese with optional English Subtitles

Illustrated clear case, front artwork, reversible jacket, drama CD entitled 'Premium CD' and a comic book, 'Slayers Premium Plus One'

Gouury munching on the number 1 delicacy of the town, right is Lina acting tough, center is Ruma, back left Zelgadis and Amelia, above Lina is Tako the sorcerer



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