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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Urban Vision
» Running Time
50 mins
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Twilight of the Dark Master: Collector’s Edition

» written by Piro^kun [Discuss]

Powerful Demons and beautiful, noble Guardians have battled for Earth since the dawn of time. Ages ago, the arrogant Demons enslaved humans, while the Guardians fought for human freedom. A deep hatred burns between Demon and Guardian; the Guardians know the Demons thirst for blood and power would destroy humanity and the world itself.

Neo-Shinjuku, 2089 - few Demons or Guardians remain to continue their epic war. Humans rule the Earth, with no real memory of the Demons or Guardians. Yet, deep within the dark underworld of the city, the supreme Demon is still alive and plotting, once again, to overtake mankind. Only one Guardian is left to do battle, and the fate of the human race hangs in the balance.

Wow, this is a short one. It’s another one from Director Hisahi Abe (Vampire Hunter D), which means lots a pale people, black backrounds, nudity, and very bloody fights.

Although the opening narration tells of the Great Mother creating demons and guardians, humans are transformed into demons through bioengineering. As he’s celebrating his engagement, Eiji, a pharmaceutical researcher, suddenly changes into a disgustingly nasty monster, but is caught by the nastily incestious brother/sister team of Chen and Huang Long, who take him to a sex club and feed him prostitutes (how nice!).

Eiji is part of an experiment conducted by Mr. Takamiya, the master demon. Enter Tsunami Shijyo, Guardian, demon hunter, and ‘fire manipulator’. He’s hired by Eiji’s fiacee, Shizuka, to find him as she goes out to find (and kill) him herself.

I don’t want to tell anymore…but only because it’s just not worth it. The story has so much potential, but isn’t allowed to develop. No backround story is given for any of the characters, they just kind of…exist. In this aspect it reminds me of X/1999. But overall, this was a horrid, sub-par flick. I actually enjoyed watching the trailers more than the anime. However this may just be because I am not a huge fan of this genre. I would say only get this if you are a either a die-hard genre fan, or a die-hard Hisashi Abe fan.

The Breakdown
If you are truely desperate for a man vs. demon anime/manga, I’d recommend Ogre Slayer


» The Pros
Umm...boobies...not much else. Tsunami is a bit of a badass, but he doesn't fight enough.

» The Cons
There are so many static images in this movie! It's more like a manga than an anime. Also the story is over before it begins.

» Animation
I don't think it's animation if the people don't move

» Sound
The music is just as dark as the animation, the one good part of this movie

» Story
What story?

» Recommend
It's barely decent, not worth more than a rental.


» Other Information
Language: Japanese/English with English Subtitles

Trailer, Character art, and a vid showing the making of the cover art

Tsumani in the foreground, with Takamiya in his demon form in the back.



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