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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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100 mins
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Comedy, Documentary
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Otaku no Video

» written by Piro^kun [Discuss]

Now this one is an oldie (but it’s good). Made in 1982, Otaku no Video (Fan’s Video) is a ‘mockumentary’ of sorts, and also a thinly veiled history of Gainex. It mocks those crazy fools who love anime. It stars a college student named Kubo who HATES those damn anime geeks. But then he runs into his old high-school friend Tanaka, who is a big GEEK. So, he’s gets led into the world of anime, SF, and even cosplay (yay!). After facing rejection from the rest of the world because of his love for anime, Kubo decides that he must fosake the world and live soley on anime. He will become an ‘Otaking’!

Actually, this is two movies in one, the orginal ‘Otaku no Video 1982 and the sequel ‘More Otaku no Video 1985. These movies are great for any true anime fan, the literal meaning of the title being ‘Your Video’. Although it starts out a bit critical of otaku, which is shown through the ultimate ‘loser-ness’ of Tanaka’s anime group and Kubo losing his girlfriend because of anime in ‘1982, it changes mindsets in ‘1985 when Kubo decides to become the ‘Otaking’.

Also, there are a huge amount of in-jokes for old-school anime fans, so many in fact that AnimEigo included six pages of linear notes describing them and an address to which you can send any more that you see in the movie.

There are also interviews with ‘real otaku’ (I haven’t yet figured out whether they are real or not) about the how they are/were otaku, and how being an otaku has affected their life.

However, near the end of the anime, things become very silly and segue into a strange Sci-Fi adventure

Overall, these movies are the ultimate combination of all that is ‘Otaku’, from the many, many reference to old anime and Japanese culture, to the crazy storyline and slightly frightening interviews. It’s even more fun to watch it with friends and see who ‘gets’ the most in-jokes.

The Breakdown
This is a amazingly fun old-school trip. Heck, it’s even a history lesson of sorts. Go and get this ASAP!


» The Pros
Both movies have a GREAT storyline and are full of fan goodies.

» The Cons
Although most of the interviews are good, some of them get a bit too boring, but overall nothing else is wrong.

» Animation
Although it was cleaned up a bit, the animation is showing it's age

» Sound
The theme 'Tatake! Otaking' is a very silly song, but it's good

» Story
The animated storyline is great, but the interviews are a bit odd

» Recommend
A must for all otaku...but you may see yourself in it ^_^


» Other Information
Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

Original Artwork, orginal '1985 trailer, and really helpful and descriptive linear notes

Misty May surrounded by chibi versions of the other characters



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