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 Monday, December 17, 2018
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» Company
Geneon Animation
» Running Time
100 min
» Genre
Romance, Comedy
» Type
TV Series
» Final Score
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» written by hinatasou [Discuss]

Hideki, or Motosuwa-kun, is a 18 year old farmer who decides one day to become a Tokyo University student. He moves to Japan’s capital in order to attend a preparatory class for the entrance exam. Upon arrival almost like a tourist, he is awed by the fact that everyone has their own Persocon: a robot, no more like an android since they resemble the human anatomy, that acts as their personal servant helping out in daily chores form carrying groceries to home cleaning. They are more like computers since each persocon has it’s own built in hard drive, and they can instantly send and receive e-mail to one another. Hideki stumbles upon what appears to be a discarded persocon lying near a dumpster and decides to bring it home. After turning it on, the first word she says is ‘Chii.’

Although it’s from a different anime series, I’d like to quote from Episode 11 of To Heart because I believe it captures the philosophical questions prevalent in Chobits perfectly: Man: ‘What’s the difference between a machine and a human? Machines are made by humans, but that’s not the case with humans. But, come to think of it, living creatures are in fact creations. Coincidence, environment, and nature…What’s your opinion? About the differences between humans and machines? For one thing a machine is incapable of thinking. It can only act out the program it has been given. No matter how successful a machine is, it can never become human.

‘Hiroyuki-san: ‘Whether we are talking about pigeons or robots, if it can laugh or cry or just enjoy being with you…If it’s something like that, that’s good enough for me.’

The Breakdown
Chi is adorable. When Hideki found her she was not pre-programmed with an OS. So raising Chi correlates to raising any human child. It is cute watching Chi’s reactions to Hideki explaining the meaning of certain phrases and places. When we first meet her, she mimics Hideki’s movements. But as she becomes proficient in her vocabulary and understanding, we see her steadily become more and more human.


» The Pros
The gags are Love Hina funny, maybe even funnier since there are fewer main characters and more supporting characters (Love Hina had it the other way around). Becomes intensely dramatic at the end to the point where it is no shame to shed a tear over.

» The Cons
The ending was a bit rushed. It resolved some things but not completely.

» Animation
Brilliant as expected for an anime only a year old. Clamp (producers of Angelic Layer and Card Captor Sakura) is excellent with character designs and backdrops although I did regret the way they colored everyone's eyes.

» Sound
The opening theme song 'Let me be with you' is catchy and upbeat. The first ending song 'Reason to be' is as pictured, like you were walking along to some destination but you are not sure how much further it is. The second ending theme 'Ningyo Hime' really touches me with a cold, sad melody.

» Story
A bit of a bizarre introduction with Hideki working on a farm at one moment then being transported to the urban Tokyo the next. But it is suiting since the viewer learns about the technological advances just as Hideki becomes aware of them. Promises are not the theme like Love Hina. In fact, the anime doesn't allow Hideki the gratification of being accepted into Tokyo U. The series is totally different from Hand Maid May in that it is more of a mystery of who Chi really is and what are Chobits. It is suspenseful towards the end. It also brings up the question what characteristics distinguish a human from a machine. What are the consequences of falling in love with a machine?

» Recommend
Animenation is offering it pre-order for $26.98 although it should have been already released since the 11th. Definitely worth every penny although people tend to spend more for costumes of Chi for the Anime Conventions.


» Other Information
Language: English or Japanese with English subtitles

Two English subtitle streams (Dialogue translation and Signs Only translation), non-credit opening animation, and other extras

Cover shows Chi centered sitting atop of a power line behind a cloudy yet blue sky, bottom pink logo.



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