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 Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Japanese-American Singer Kylee to perform at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland, June 21

» Articles, Features, Convention / Event Reports | posted by Brian on 05/10/2013 [Discuss]

Japanese-American pop singer Kylee (full name Kylee Saunders) recently announced that she will be performing at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland, California on June 21st. Kylee, 18, was born in Arizona and currently attends college at Stanford University in California. She is signed to DefStar Records, a sublabel of Sony Music Japan.

Kylee most recently performed onstage at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival. Before that she was the headlining guest for the 2012 edition of San Francisco’s J-Pop Summit festival in Japantown. Her first convention debut (as well as American concert debut) was at Otakon in 2011 and she appeared on NBC’s Today show that same year. Later this August she will perform at France’s Japan Expo. Whether or not she will also appear at the American version of the same, also in August, is still to be seen. If you’re in New York you can catch her at the 7th Annual Japan Day at Central Park this Sunday, May 12th.


Kylee at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival
Kylee has contributed to the anime industry with a variety of opening and ending songs including Xam’d: Lost Memories’ “Just Breathe” and “Over U,” Heroman’s second OP “Missing,” and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn’s “Everlasting.” In 2013 she sang the second OP for Zetsuen no Tempest, “Even Though I Love You (Daisuki Nanoni).” Her other work includes themes for commercial ad campaigns and Japanese films.

Kylee at J-Pop Summit
Kylee’s style is primarily a mix of pop-rock and ballads with a bit of punk thrown in from time to time. She lists her influences as including not only Japanese artists like Utada Hikaru and Yui but Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Green Day and Paramore. As a rock fan I’m partial to songs like “S.A.U.” and “Just Go” which remind me of local California band The Action Design. “Unnoticed,” from Kylee’s album 17, also stands out for me. For those of you who like a bit more pop you’re well covered with “Crazy For You” and “Never Give Up.” Her newest album, currently untitled, is being finished up at the moment and hopefully will be available in the near future. What has been revealed is that it consists of many English language covers of Japanese songs. The upcoming concert at Yoshi’s will include both old and new work and is an opportunity for Kylee to showcase her direct contributions to her work.

J-Pop Summit
Tickets for her June 21st (Friday) concert are $17 plus a $3.50 fee (students are eligible for half price tickets if ordered online).  Doors are at 9:45PM and the show is set to start at 10PM. It follows the 8PM show by Jessy J.

Yoshi’s Oakland is located at 510 Embarcadero West and is a short drive from the Oakland 12th Street Station.  You might want to take a bus or taxi from BART to Jack London Square if you do take BART since it will be dark out.

For more information about Kylee please visit her official Facebook page at

Her official twitter account (bilingual) is located here and her official Japanese site at

A few of her songs are available for purchase at the itunes store.

Tickets for her June 21st concert may be purchased directly from Yoshi’s.

Post-concert at the Cherry Blossom Festival

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