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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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90 mins
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Action, Comedy
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Lupin the 3rd: The Secret of the Twilight Gemini

» written by Piro^kun [Discuss]

Lupin, Jigan, Goemon, and Fujiko are back for their ninth movie adventure! Lupin has been trusted with a mystical Twilight diamond which, as legend has it, is the key to an amazing treasure. So the whole gang heads off to Morocco to get rich. However, they will have to dodge the ever-present Inspector Zenigata and a new organization that is only out for one thing… Lupin’s head!

Wow…I never thought I would say this about a Lupin movie, but I’m a bit unimpressed. Heck, I’m even going to say that I was disappointed. Lupin is my favorite anime character of all time, but this just isn’t even close to the best of his adventures. No one expects a Lupin film to make too much sense, but this flimsy tale is both underwritten and badly paced. The chase scenes (always a wonderful Lupin mainstay) generate little excitement, and the fights lack the flair that is normally present in the series. Although Lupin III remains one of the most greatest franchises in anime history, Twilight Gemini ranks among the least of the his adventures.

The Breakdown
It’s decent and worth a watch for true fans, but I would recommend The Castle of Cagliostro for newbies to Lupin.


» The Pros
This is Lupin, international thief and incurable playboy; the animated master of witty one liners. He's what James Bond would be if he worked for the other side. Not to mention his fantastic sidekicks Jigan and Goemon. This is a fun romp for a true Lupin fan.

» The Cons
Same as I said above, this is a fun romp for a true fan, because I can't see anyone else truly getting into the Lupin series by watching only this movie. There is the standard fan service and such from the beautiful Fujiko, but it is actually put in where it isn't needed, possibly because the animators knew the story wouldn't keep the viewers' attention by itself.

» Animation
Nice, but a bit dated.

» Sound
Well, this dub this normal Funimation quality (a.k.a. utter garbage), so don't bother with that. The theme songs (beginning and ending) are done in the arabic style, and are rather nice. The rest of the music isn't even worth mentioning.

» Story
The story is a standard Lupin one, get a lead, go for the treasure, avoid the cops, and get the bad guy (and the girl) in the end. But this one is a bit thin... even for Lupin.

» Recommend
Be forewarned...there is nudity.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese language with English Subtitles

Character profiles, (English) voice actor bios, and various trailers.

Lupin & Lara (his 'bond girl' for this flick) in the foreground, with the other characters in the back.



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