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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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» Company
ADV Films
» Running Time
85 minutes
» Genre
Action, Fantasy
» Type
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Legend of Crystania

» written by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim [Discuss]

From the golden pen of Ryo Mizuno, comes an all-new adventure set in the aftermath of the Lodoss Wars! Ashram, desperate to find a home for his people, is tricked into selling his soul. 300 years later, Pirotesse’s devotion to her king remains unshaken. In the sacred world of Crystania, amidst a civil war waged by shape-changing warriors, she searches for her beloved Ashram. She meets Redon, a young prince obsessed with avenging his murdered parents. Together, they confront Ashram’s captor, Barbas, who aspires to rule Crystania as “The Gods’ King.” Will they free Ashram’s soul… or will Redon’s innocence become the next sacrifice to Barbas’ emerging power?

Lodoss war fans, gets a little more of the Lodoss taste as Ashram and Pirotesse is back. The first thing that strikes anyone is the title name. No longer is it Record of Lodoss War, but Legend of Crystania. I recall, Crystania was mentioned somewhere in Record of Lodoss War, but was never really developed for the fans. This show bored me for about fifteen minutes, but then as action and story kicked in, my system reacted by kicking in turbo.

The shape-changing warriors are interesting. Their transformation is based on which god ruled the region that they were born in. They can either go, full man, half man-half animal or full animal. Record of Lodoss War is known for its’ RPG style, Legend of Crystania brings that style back, of course not as good as Record of Lodoss War, but adequate. The show is now more violent than Record of Lodoss War. Soldiers get sliced in half with blood gashing all over. There was one scene where a lizard warrior had a whole chunk of neck bitten out. So… yeah, I hope you get the idea after the last example :P.

Record of Lodoss War fans should stick with Record of Lodoss War. Legend of Crystania is different from Lodoss War. The animation is not the same, the setting is not the same, and although the action and story can be entertaining at times. I do not see a reason why a fan of Lodoss War should go on to something that is not Lodoss War. Unless you are a fan of Ashram and Pirotesse then I can see the reason.

The Breakdown
Legend of Crystania is not something you would watch every two weeks or so. It is something you would watch once every two years or so. The re-watch value is just not up there.


» The Pros
The action scenes are cool, and the story gets interesting as it advances.

» The Cons
Do not confuse yourself with Record of Lodoss War and Legend of Crystania. They are both different anime shows. I have always heard that “Legend of Crystania is the sequel to Record of Lodoss War,” Do not believe in that, because it is wrong. On the other hand, the characters were not developed. At first it was about a priestess then all of a sudden it changes to finding Barbas/Ashram and destroy him.

» Animation
The animation seems a little awkward at times to me.

» Sound
One of the seiyuu’s voices can get annoying. The overall sound is good, the theme songs sounds okay.

» Story
There is a sudden turn as the story reaches climax, which did not surprise me, but that is when all the fun stuff starts.

» Recommend
Lodoss War fans that are looking for more Lodoss should not go to this movie. I am aware that Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight came later than Legend of Crystania: The Motion Picture, but the ending of the ROLW: TV series some how leads a little into the story as Ashram sets out with his people to another place to inhabit. Therefore to me making it a “side story.” Hehe.


» Other Information
Language: English/Japanese language with English Subtitles

Character Bios, and Screen Caps

The cover picture looks very nice, but is it me or do they dress differently from what they dress in the movie?



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